Organizing a Series of Webinars for the Branding Strategy of Beloven Coffee under the Enabling Innovation Environment (EIE) Project to Increase the Competitiveness of Business through Brands and Designs

Meeting codeWIPO/WEBINAR/RBASPAC/2021/02
Date and venueOctober 21, 2021 Virtual
Time of sessions09:00 - 11:00 Geneva time (English)
Previous / future meetingsWIPO/WEBINAR/RBASPAC/2021/01 >> WIPO/WEBINAR/RBASPAC/2021/02 >> WIPO/WEBINAR/RBASPAC/2021/03
Topic(s)Workshops and Seminars, PCT Webinars, Human Capacity Building Webinars
Webinar in English with Simultaneous Laotian Interpretation.