Roving Seminar on WIPO Services and Initiatives with the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the Iberian International Nanotechnology Institue (IINL)

Date and venueMay 21 to May 22, 2019 (Braga, Portugal)
Previous / future meetingsOMPI-INPI/RS/IP/FR/19 >> WIPO-INPI-OEPM-IINL/RS/IP/BGZ/19 >> WIPO-PRH/RS/IP/FI/19
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Topic(s)Workshops and Seminars, Roving Seminars on WIPO Services and Initiatives

Meeting documents

WIPO-INPI-OEPM-IINL/RS/IP/BGZ/19INF/1/PROV.6EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Complete document (pdf)