Seminar on the International Protection of Design

Meeting codeWIPO/H/98
Date and venueDecember 3, 1998 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Topic(s)Industrial Property-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/H/98/INF/1EnglishList of Participants
FrançaisList of Participants
WIPO/H/98/1EnglishThe Importance of Design and its Protection
WIPO/H/98/2FrançaisL'importance de choisir la voie de protection appropriée
WIPO/H/98/3FrançaisLe point de vue de l'industrie: l'industrie horlogère suisse
WIPO/H/98/4EnglishThe Origins and Basic Principles of the Hague System
WIPO/H/98/5EnglishThe Advantages of the Hague System
WIPO/H/98/6FrançaisLes modalités du dépôt international
WIPO/H/98/7EnglishPractical Cases: Examination of an Application by the Internationa Bureau and its Regularization
FrançaisCas pratique: l'examen d'une demande par le Bureau international et sa régularisation