The Evolution of Technology Diffusion and its Consequences

Meeting codeWIPO/IP/ECON/GE/2/14
Date and venueSeptember 29, 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland)
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Topic(s)Intellectual Property, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/IP/ECON/GE/2/14/INF.1EnglishProgramProgram, Complete document (pdf)

Other related documents

WIPO/IP/ECON/GE/2/14/REF/COMINEnglishPaper – Professor Diego CominPaper – Professor Diego Comin, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/IP/ECON/GE/2/14/REF/COMINSLIDESEnglishPresentation Slides – Professor Diego CominPresentation Slides – Professor Diego Comin, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/IP/ECON/GE/2/14/VIDEOEnglishVideo of the Seminar Video of the Seminar , Complete document (htm)