How to Manage your International Registration: Change in the Holder's Name, Address or Contact Details

Change in name or address

To change the holder's name and/or address as recorded in the International Register, you may complete the transaction online or use Form MM9.

NOTE: To record a change in ownership (i.e. a transfer of ownership from one holder to another), use Form MM5.

You may request a change in name or address:

  • directly to WIPO online; or
  • by submitting Form MM9 to your "home" IP Office which will transmit it to WIPO on your behalf.
Tip! Contact information for IP Offices of Madrid System members is available in the Member Profiles Database.

How much does it cost?

The fee for changing the holder's name and/or address is 150 Swiss francs.

Change in contact details (address of correspondence, phone, fax, email address)

You can change the holder’s contact details, including address of correspondence, phone number, fax number or email address online.

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for requesting a change in the holder’s contact details.

For further information on changes in the name and/or address of the holder, see paragraphs  B.II.47.01 to 48.13 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol and note for filing Form MM9 PDF, Note for filing Form MM9.

Need more guidance? Watch our webinar "Presenting and Recording Changes".