Fees and Payments – PCT System

The fees payable in connection with an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) System vary according to the receiving office, international preliminary examining authority and international searching authority chosen when filing an application.

Fee amounts

Find out about types and amounts of fees on the PCT website.

Payment methods

There are four ways to submit your fees to WIPO. Note: WIPO does not accept payment by cash or check. Any checks received will be returned to the sender.

To pay via direct debit from your Current Account at WIPO, use the Payment platform or the online payment function in ePCT. (Note: sign-in, with strong authentication, is required).

If you are filing with the RO/IB on paper, select "Authorization to charge Current account" and quote your Current Account at WIPO number on the PCT fee calculation sheet of the Request Form PDF, PCT Request form.

For special and supplementary fees, indicate your Current Account at WIPO number and the PCT application number in your ePCT action or correspondence. Include holder or applicant name, file reference or PCT international application number (if known).

Credit card payments are available only for the payment of:

  • fees to the RO/IB; and
  • supplementary search fees to the International Bureau.
Warning – WIPO will confirm credit card payments by e-mail only. WIPO does not issue any other payment receipt or invoice for online credit card payments. If you do not receive an email acknowledgement, please contact us.
Transfer method Currency
Fees to the RO/IB Special fees / supplementary search fees to the IB
Bank transfer Swiss francs, US dollars or euro Swiss francs
Postal transfer Swiss francs Swiss francs

You must provide the following information when you submit your payment (failure to do so will delay the processing of your application and/or result in additional fees):

  • purpose of payment;
  • name of applicant;
  • file reference or, if known, PCT international application number.

You will be responsible for any additional fees charged by your bank or any intermediary bank.

WIPO Bank transfer details

  • Account name: WIPO / OMPI
  • Credit Suisse, CH-1211 Geneva 70
  • CHF account number (IBAN): CH51 0483 5048 7080 8100 0
  • USD account number (IBAN): CH17 0483 5048 7080 8200 0 (RO/IB payments only)
  • EUR account number (IBAN): CH33 0483 5048 7080 8200 3 (RO/IB payments only)
  • Swift: CRESCHZZ80A

WIPO Postal transfer details (within Europe only)

  • Account name: WIPO / OMPI
  • SWISS POST/Postfinance, Engelhaldenstrasse 37, CH-3030 Bern
  • IBAN: CH03 0900 0000 1200 5000 8
  • Swift: POFICHBE

Payment follow-up

All payments are acknowledged and include the contact details of the authorized officer processing the application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 10 days, please contact the authorized officer.

Refund requests

All refund requests should be addressed to the authorized officer processing your application.  For further details of which fees may be refunded, refer to the PCT Applicant’s Guide.