World Intellectual Property Day 

April 26, 2024

IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity
To build our common future and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we need to re-think how we live, work and play.
World IP Day 2024 is an opportunity to explore how intellectual property (IP) encourages and can amplify the innovative and creative solutions that are so crucial to building our common future.
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Social Media Kit

Download campaign materials in eight languages from our social media kit, including visuals, social media banners, cards, and more.
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Join the World IP Day 2024 Youth Video Competition

Unleash your creativity in a 60 to 90-second video that showcases how an inventor, creator, entrepreneur, or local community near you is shaping a better future for all with innovation, creativity, and IP rights. 

World Intellectual Property Day Change Makers’ Gallery

Celebrating innovative, creative and enterprising change makers around the world
The World Intellectual Property Day Change Makers’ Gallery features inventors, creators and entrepreneurs who are building a sustainable future for everyone, everywhere.
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The World Intellectual Property Day 2024 Youth Video Competition is now closed

Over XXX participants from XX countries have submitted a video entry. 
The public vote will be open from April 10 to 21 on the competition platform.
Stay tuned to cast your vote and help choose the winner of the People’s Choice Prize!
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Public vote

Now it’s your turn to help pick the winner of the People's Choice Prize!
From today until April 21 at 23:59 CEST, cast your vote on the competition platform to choose the winner of the People’s Choice Prize. 
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Voting has closed

Thank you for helping to choose your favorite video entry to win the People’s Choice Prize. 
The winners of the competition will be announced on the World Intellectual Property Day web page on April 26. 
Stay tuned for the results! 
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Meet the winners of the Competition

More than XXXX people participated in the World Intellectual Property Day 2024 Youth Video Competition. Find out who the winners are!


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Create your campaign

World IP Day is an opportunity to celebrate the power of innovation and creativity and to explore how IP supports our drive to build a better future. Unleash your creativity and launch your own campaign for #WorldIPDay.
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Resources and IP tools

Learn more about how IP rights help accelerate the innovation and creativity we need to advance the SDGs. Find IP training courses, tools, and networks to support your IP journey. 
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Frequently asked questions

“Why celebrate World IP Day?”, “What kind of events can I organize?” Find answers to these and other frequently asked questions about World IP Day.
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World IP Day is celebrated every year on April 26. It’s a unique opportunity to join with others around the globe to celebrate the world’s amazing inventors and creators and to explore how IP helps shape our world.