CWS Circulars 2018

Reference Date Subject Documents Issued
C.CWS.111 18.12.2018

Request for IPOs to provide their Authority Files

C.CWS.110 30.11.2018

CWS Surveys on Use of Identifiers, Electronic Representations of Designs, and Supplementary Protection Certificates / Patent Term Extensions

C.CWS.109 29.11.2018

Revision of WIPO Standard ST.3 – EU

C.CWS.108 28.11.2018

Establishment of CWS Task Forces: Blockchain, 3D and Digital Transformation Task Forces

C.CWS.107 28.11.2018

Establishment of the ICT Strategy for Standards Task Force

24.07.2018 Sixth Session of the CWS (CWS/6)
C.CWS.98 25.06.2018 Annual Technical Reports 2017 (Industrial Designs)
C.CWS.97 25.06.2018 Annual Technical Reports 2017 (Trademarks)
C.CWS.96 25.06.2018 Annual Technical Reports 2017 (Patents)
C.CWS.94 15.02.2018 Invitation to 2018 Session of the XML4IP Task Force of the CWS
C.CWS.93 25.01.2018 Nomination of Industrial Design Legal Expert to the Legal Status Task Force
C.CWS.92 25.01.2018 Implementation of WIPO Standard ST.27

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