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The WIPO Brazil Office was opened in 2009 to support the implementation of intellectual property (IP) projects and activities in Brazil. 

We work with Brazilian institutions, as well as with institutions from other developing countries, to create lasting value from IP assets.

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Pulling of the Vine

Eco Panplas: better recycling of lubricant containers

Find out how the award-winning solution developed by Eco Panplas, a small Brazilian company, is helping to make the recycling of machine lubricant containers cleaner, safer and more cost-effective.

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Open Class: Intellectual Property for Young Entrepreneurs

Find out more about the strategic value of the Intellectual Property entrepreneurs in this class by Prof. Gabriel Marcuzzo.

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Check out the video of World Intellectual Property Day and the launch of the website "Respect for Copyright" in Portuguese

On World Intellectual Property Day 2022, the Santa Catarina Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development (SDE) joined WIPO to launch the website “Respect for Copyrights” in Portuguese for a group of students from a school in Florianópolis.

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PCT system for patents

Brazil joined the PCT in 1978. In 2014 PCT filings experienced double digit growth and were the highest in the latin American Region.


Users can conduct searches in this free collection of patent documents – including international patent applications submitted under the PCT and Brazil's national patent collection – in English and nine other languages.

Brazil and WIPO initiatives


Together with our Brazilian partners, we help connect seekers of new environmental solutions with Brazilian providers of cutting-edge green technology and services via this online marketplace.

Our Brazilian partners include:

Building Respect for IP: Awareness Raising

Building respect for intellectual property (IP) involves more than just enforcement; we also have to educate, inform and change attitudes. We assist our member states to design national strategies for building respect for IP and to develop tools for use in awareness raising, in particular among young people.