South-South Cooperation and Special Projects

Over the past years, the Development Sector has had the responsibility to develop, implement and eventually mainstream a number of Development Agenda (DA) projects – proposed and adopted by the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) – into technical assistance programs.

In addition, the Sector has been in charge of executing a number of CDIP instructions, in connection with DA assignments. Projects and instructions allocated for implementation to the Development Sector were identified as having a technical assistance focus, and as being clearly oriented toward supporting development objectives.

Given the cross-cutting nature of such projects, either from a substantive, structural, or regional perspective, this Unit is managing ongoing projects, phasing out and mainstreaming projects, and continuously developing new ones, in coordination with Regional Bureaus and other Divisions outside the Development Sector.

Our activities include:

  • establishment of a focal point responsible for coordinating, evaluating and supporting issues relative to South-South Cooperation (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation and the consequent integration of SSC functions within WIPO;
  • development and administration of specialized databases of Technical Assistance (TA) activities and SSC activities, including mapping and reporting on such activities, as well as a roster of consultants;
  • strengthening the competitiveness of certain economic/productive sectors, namely through the use of IP for origin-linked product branding, and for the use of intellectual property (IP) in the promotion of tourism and cultural heritage in Egypt, Ecuador, Namibia and Sri Lanka (ongoing DA project, 2016-2018);
  • administering WIPO Match platform, an online tool to match seekers of specific IP-related development needs with potential providers offering resources;
  • designing, managing, phasing out and mainstreaming projects, such as a methodology to support the formulation of national IP strategies as well as executing other relevant CDIP assignments.

Further details available in the latest Program and Budget Report.



Director: DI PIETRO PERALTA Marcelo

  • Program 9: Africa, Arab, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean Countries, Least Developed Countries
  • Reporting to: MATUS Mario
  • Sector: Development Sector

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