WIPO Match

WIPO Match is an online tool to match seekers of specific intellectual property (IP)-related development needs with potential providers offering resources.

WIPO acts as a facilitator of cooperation and publicizes successful matches. The service amplifies WIPO’s resources and multiplies existing partnerships.

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The Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) authorized the creation of the Intellectual Property Development Matchmaking Database (IP DMD) in 2012, in line with Recommendation 9 of WIPO's Development Agenda. WIPO Match is the new name for IP DMD. (Photo: iStockphoto.com/Digitalstorm)

Who can join?

WIPO Match is open to seekers, providers and supporters.


Seekers must come from developing countries, countries in transition, or least developed countries.

  • IP offices
  • IP-related government bodies
  • Public research institutions, universities
  • Foundations (inc. research foundations)
  • Inter-governmental organizations
  • Companies (N.B. private sector entities are advised to include a letter of endorsement from their national IP office)

Benefits for seekers

  • Access to extra funds and skills.
  • Helps to move IP technical assistance projects forward.
  • Networking with IP partners from around the globe.
  • Promotion of your organization to a broad range of IP stakeholders.


Providers cover a wide range of state and non-state actors including but not limited to:

  • Governments
  • Non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations
  • Foundations (inc. research foundations)
  • Companies
  • Universities

Benefits for providers

  • Promote development through contributing to IP technical assistance projects.
  • Assist developing regions in making IP systems easier to use.


You can support WIPO Match in a variety of ways: from providing expertise (human, financial, technical), to promoting the tool.

WIPO Match has currently 41 supporters from around the globe.

Photo of WIPO DG
(photo: WIPO)

"WIPO Match is an online matchmaking tool. It enables those with IP-related development needs to find others offering solutions to those needs and vice versa. In doing this, WIPO Match can amplify and facilitate the technical assistance work of our member states."

Mr. Francis Gurry, Director General, WIPO

Photo of ARIPO DG
(Photo: ARIPO)

"WIPO Match has the capacity to facilitate the development and demystification of IP for social and economic development of our countries. We hope many more developing countries will benefit from this innovative online tool."

Mr. Fernando Dos Santos, Director General, ARIPO

Photo of Under Secretary
(Photo: USPTO)

"The USPTO strongly supports WIPO Match, a powerful platform that can match available resources with IP infrastructure needs across regional markets. This tool has the potential to advance our common effort to bring in willing partners from all sectors and build the IP infrastructure globally."

Ms. Michelle Lee, Former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director, USPTO