Impact of Artificial Intelligence on IP Policy: Call for Comments

WIPO is seeking to develop, through an open process, a list of issues concerning the impact of artificial intelligence (Al) on intellectual property (IP) policy that might form the basis of future structured discussions.

Member states and all other interested parties are invited to provide comments and suggestions on the draft issues paper. Comments are welcome on any aspect of the IP system that is impacted by AI.

AI is increasingly driving important developments in technology and business and is being deployed across industry, from telecommunications to autonomous vehicles. Increasing stores of big data and advances in affordable high computing power are fueling AI’s growth.

The growth of AI across a range of technical fields raises a number of policy questions with respect to IP. WIPO held a Conversation on IP and AI on September 27, 2019, bringing together Member States and other stakeholders to discuss the impact of Al on IP policy, with a view to collectively formulating the questions that policymakers need to ask.

At the conclusion of the meeting, WIPO Director General Francis Gurry announced that WIPO would commence an open process to develop a list of issues concerning the impact of Al on IP policy that might form the basis of future structured discussions.

Video: WIPO Director General Francis Gurry proposes consultation process on AI and IP policy

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To get started, download the draft issues paper PDF, draft issues paper DOC, draft issues paper. You may comment on any or all of the questions in the paper.

  • In your submission, please include your name, title and the name of your entity.
  • Please identify in which capacity you are making your submission, be it personal or as a representative of an organization.
  • The preferred format of your submission is PDF or WORD.
  • Authors can comment on the current identification of questions or add additional questions. There will be a future opportunity to provide answers to the identified questions.
  • In the submission it is recommended to identify which issue number you are referring to.

All submissions will be posted on the WIPO website

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Please submit your comments by February 14, 2020.