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Constitution of Saint Lucia (Cap. 1.01)

Year of Version:2001
Date of Entry into Force:February 22, 1979
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
This is the revised edition of the Constitution of Saint Lucia (Cap. 1.01) as at December 31, 2001, which was prepared by the Law Revision Commissioner under the authority of the Revised Edition of the Laws Act.

As the supreme law of Saint Lucia, the Constitution protects the fundamental rights and freedoms to all citizens of Saint Lucia. In particular, the political, social and cultural lives of the people of Saint Lucia are guaranteed in the Preamble of the Constitution.
The Constitution defies the structure of the government and the powers and duties of the three branches of the government.
The legislative branch is bicameral Parliamentary style consisting of the Senate and the House of Assembly.
The executive branch consists of the chief of state represented by the governor general (the Queen of England) and of a cabinet headed by a Prime Minister.
The higher levels of jurisdiction are the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (which actually comprises two courts: the High Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal) and Her Majesty in Council (Privy Council).

The legal sources in Saint Lucia include acts adopted by Parliament, UK laws and regulations that were in effect immediately before February 22, 1979 and that have not been repealed, but which may have been amended by the Governor-General before December 31, 1980, and English common law.

The Constitution does not contain provisions that refer to intellectual property rights. However, Section 6(1)&(2), Chapter I 'Protection of the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms' recognizes the protection of property rights to the people of Saint Lucia.
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