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Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Year of Version:1991
Date of Entry into Force:July 20, 1991
Date of Text (Adopted):July 12, 1991
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
The Constitution contains the provisions on the protection of intellectual property rights.
Article 10 stipulates that 'The State guarantees the public and individual freedoms of all citizens, in particularly (...) the freedom of intellectual, artistic and scientific creation (...)'.

In addition, the Constitution guarantees the protection of traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions and genetic resources, by giving the Parliament the power to enact laws relating to the protection and conservation of cultural-historical heritage (Article 57).
Available Texts: 

Constitution de la République Islamique de Mauritanie Constitution de la République Islamique de Mauritanie, Complete document (pdf) [76 KB]

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