Regulations of October 27, 2014, of the Supreme People's Court on the Jurisdiction over cases of the Intellectual Property Courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou (promulgated by Order No. 12 of Supreme People's Court of October 31, 2014)

Year of Version:2014
Date of Entry into Force:November 3, 2014
Date of Text (Published):October 27, 2014
Type of Text:IP Jurisprudence
Subject Matter:Competition, Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), Enforcement of IP and Related Laws, Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits, Patents (Inventions), Plant Variety Protection, Trademarks, Undisclosed Information (Trade Secrets)
Article 1 of the Regulations provides 'Intellectual property courts have jurisdiction of first instance over the following cases within their municipal jurisdictions:
1. Civil and administrative cases about patents, new varieties of plants, layout design of integrated circuits, know-how and computer software;
2. Administrative cases about legal proceedings for administrative actions involving copyrights, trademarks, unfair competition and other administrative actions made by departments of State Council or local people's governments at or above county level; and
3. Civil cases involving the identification of well-known trademarks.'
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2014年10月27日,最高人民法院关于北京、上海、广州知识产权法院案件管辖的规定 (最高人民法院法释[2014]12号,2014年10月31日公布) 2014年10月27日,最高人民法院关于北京、上海、广州知识产权法院案件管辖的规定 (最高人民法院法释[2014]12号,2014年10月31日公布), Complete document (pdf) [64 KB] 2014年10月27日,最高人民法院关于北京、上海、广州知识产权法院案件管辖的规定 (最高人民法院法释[2014]12号,2014年10月31日公布), Complete document (htm) [49 KB] (Version with Automatic Translation Tool)

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WIPO Lex No.:CN388