Law No. 6100 of January 12, 2001 on Civil Procedure

Year of Version:2011
Date of Entry into Force:October 1, 2011
Date of Text (Issued):January 12, 2011
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Enforcement of IP and Related Laws
Notes:The law contains provisions on civil procedures in civil law matters, which are also applicable in intellectual property related lawsuits.

Kanun, medeni hukuk konularında, aynı zamanda fikri mülkiyet ile ilgili dava prosedürlerine ilişkin genel hükümler içermektedir.
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6100 sayılı Hukuk Usulu Muhakemeleri Kanunu 6100 sayılı Hukuk Usulu Muhakemeleri Kanunu, Complete document (pdf) [476 KB]

Historical Versions:
WIPO Lex No.:TR109