Madrid Working Group Roundtable

Meeting CodeMM/LD/WG/12/RT
Date and venueOctober 23 to October 24, 2014 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Previous / future meetingsMM/LD/WG/11/RT >> MM/LD/WG/12/RT >> MM/LD/WG/13/RT
Topic(s)Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (Madrid)

Meeting Documents

MM/LD/WG/12/RT/1 PROV.EnglishProvisional programProvisional program, Complete document (doc) Provisional program, Complete document (pdf)
FrançaisProgramme provisoireProgramme provisoire, Complete document (doc) Programme provisoire, Complete document (pdf)
EspañolPrograma provisionalPrograma provisional, Complete document (doc) Programa provisional, Complete document (pdf)

Other Related Documents

MM/LD/WG/12/RT/INFORMATION ON PROVISIONAL REFUSALSEnglishInformation on Provisional RefusalsInformation on Provisional Refusals, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P1_RODRIGUEZEnglishCommunications sent by designated OfficesCommunications sent by designated Offices, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P2_ROENNINGEnglishInformation on provisional refusalsInformation on provisional refusals, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P3_VALDIMARSDOTTIREnglishIrregularitiesIrregularities, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P4_VALDIMARSDOTTIREnglishUpdate on the Latest Developments of the Madrid SystemUpdate on the Latest Developments of the Madrid System, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P5_AMINE_MOUNAEnglishSystème de Gestion des Marques Internationales-Cas de l’OMPICSystème de Gestion des Marques Internationales-Cas de l’OMPIC, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P6_PASTORELLIEnglishWeb-based Client ServicesWeb-based Client Services, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/12/RT/P7_WILSONEnglishCommunication in the Madrid SystemCommunication in the Madrid System, Complete document (pdf)