Madrid Working Group

Meeting codeMM/LD/WG/11/RT
Date and venueOctober 29, 2013 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Previous / future meetingsMM/LD/WG/11/RT >> MM/LD/WG/12/RT
Topic(s)Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (Madrid)

Other related documents

MM/LD/WG/11/RT/OPERATIONALEnglishOperational OverviewOperational Overview, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/11/RT/REF/COMMUNICATIONEnglishCommunication in the Madrid System Communication in the Madrid System , Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/11/RT/REF/IRREGULARITIESEnglishIrregularities – The Madrid International Registration SystemIrregularities – The Madrid International Registration System, Complete document (pdf)
MM/LD/WG/11/RT/REF/LIMITATIONSEnglishLimitations of Goods and ServicesLimitations of Goods and Services, Complete document (pdf)