World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO Awards Program

WIPO presents awards to outstanding innovators and creators, on the basis of nominations submitted by the national intellectual property offices of WIPO member states.

By celebrating the achievements of inventors, creators and innovative companies around the world, the WIPO Awards aim to help foster a culture in which innovation and creativity are encouraged and appreciated at every level of society. The publicity generated by the WIPO Awards also promotes wider understanding of how the intellectual property system works to serve creativity and innovation.

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Presentation of WIPO Awards at the Seoul International Invention Fair. (Photo: Korea Invention Promotion Association)

WIPO Medal for Inventors

The WIPO Medal for Inventors was launched to stimulate inventive and innovative activity around the world, and to recognize the contribution of inventors to national wealth and development.

WIPO Medal for Creativity

The WIPO Medal for Creativity recognizes authors, designers, performers, and producers who have made an outstanding contribution to cultural, social or economic development or have fostered respect for creative output protected by IP rights.

WIPO Users’ Trophy

The WIPO Users’ Trophy is awarded to users of WIPO’s IP services, recognizing their early adoption or innovative use.

WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy

The WIPO IP Enterprise Trophy is intended both to encourage the innovative use of the IP system by enterprises and to recognize successful corporate strategies for promoting respect for IP.

WIPO Schoolchildren’s Trophy

The WIPO Schoolchildren’s Trophy encourages interest in the IP system in schools and rewards achievement by schoolchildren in fields related to IP.


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