Travelling with Guide Dogs: Morocco Regulations

Visually impaired participants at the diplomatic conference may travel with their guide dogs.

The dog must receive a rabies vaccination more than 30 days before traveling. A veterinarian must then complete the Morocco Veterinary Certificate for endorsement by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the United States or Canada. If you are not traveling from either of these countries, the Governing Authority of your country should endorse the forms. A copy of the Rabies Certificate should also be included.

In relation to repatriation, please note that animal-health regulations for pets were introduced in the European Community on 1 October 2004, when travelling to a third country where rabies occurs or where the epidemic status is unknown, which is the case of Morocco. In that case, a blood test (rabies antibody test) must be carried out before leaving Morocco in an EC-approved laboratory.

Contact person

Dr Abdelaziz HAMIDI
Chef de Service Vétérinaire