Information from the National Office for Food Safety for delegates wishing to bring guide dogs to the Diplomatic Conference

The following information was provided to WIPO by the Permanent Mission of Morocco in Geneva in an official communication dated April 2, 2013. 

Veterinary services have been made available by the National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA), as a contribution to ensuring the success of the event.

ONSSA requires that guide dogs accompanying participants must be clearly identified. Those dogs must be properly vaccinated against rabies and travel with health certificates providing proof thereof, in line with the attached model PDF, Model health certificate for the import of dogs and cats DOC, Model health certificate for the import of dogs and cats.

Furthermore, in view of the fact that the dogs will be admitted to the country on a temporary import basis, participants are strongly encouraged to obtain, in advance, information from the veterinary authorities in the country of origin on any health criteria wh ich might need to be met for re-entry, in order to avoid any obstacles to the dogs' repatriation.

Indeed, with regard to European Union countries, dogs are also required to undergo a serum rabies antibody titration test not less than three and no more than 24 months prior to shipment, with a positive result of at least 0.5 IU/ml.

In order to ensure that the Conference is a success, ONSSA would also like to receive, as soon as possible, the dates and points of entry and exit for the participants concerned, as well as any health-related criteria that might need to be met to re-enter certain countries.