World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2000-1600 - D2000-1799

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Last updated: Aug 27, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2000-1600 (HTML)
D2000-1600 (Word)
Double T Radio Pty LtdMichael Lopezttfm.comTransfer
D2000-1601 (HTML)
D2000-1601 (Word)
ARN Broadcasting Pty LtdBonoel Productions Pty Ltdgoldfm.comComplaint denied
D2000-1602 (HTML)
D2000-1602 (Word)
American Home Products CorporationBen Malgiogliosolgarvitamins.comTransfer
D2000-1603 (HTML)
D2000-1603 (Word)
Clifford Chance LLP
Pünder GmbH
CPIC Inc.cliffordchancepuender.comTransfer
D2000-1604 (HTML)
D2000-1604 (Word)
America Online, Inc.Frank Albaneseaoltrader.comComplaint denied
D2000-1605 (HTML)
D2000-1605 (Word)
America Online, Inc.Daniel Mullen
MSN / MSN Networks
D2000-1606 (HTML)
D2000-1606 (Word)
America Online, Inc.Neticq.comneticq.comTransfer
D2000-1607America Online, Inc.-icqstation.comTerminated
D2000-1608 (HTML)
D2000-1608 (Word)
Women on Waves FoundationChris Hoffmanwomenonwaves.comTransfer
D2000-1609 (HTML)
D2000-1609 (Word)
Capitol Broadcasting Company,
D2000-1610 (HTML)
D2000-1610 (Word)
Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.Momm Amed
D2000-1611 (HTML)
D2000-1611 (Word)
Pitney Bowes, Inc.Mike Ostanikpitneybowe.comTransfer
D2000-1612 (HTML)
D2000-1612 (Word)
Toronto Star Newspapers LimitedVirtual Dates, Inc.tstv.comComplaint denied
D2000-1613 (HTML)
D2000-1613 (Word)
Surface Protection Industries, Inc.The Webposters aka Mark's Paint Store, Inc.mannbrothers.comTransfer
D2000-1614 (HTML)
D2000-1614 (Word)
Inter-IKEA Systems B.V.Polanskiikeausa.comTransfer
D2000-1615Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.-playboystorecom.comTerminated
D2000-1616 (HTML)
D2000-1616 (Word)
McKinsey Holdings, Inc.Indidommckinseycompany.comTransfer
D2000-1617 (HTML)
D2000-1617 (Word)
Txqui Park Pamplona S.L.Desconocidochiquipark.comTransfer
D2000-1618Nintendo of America Inc.-pokemontradingcard.comTerminated
D2000-1619 (HTML)
D2000-1619 (Word)
Backstreet Boys Productions, Inc.Cupcakeparty / Cupcake Real Video / Cupcake-show / Cupcakes-first Patrol
John Zuccarini
Complaint denied
D2000-1620 (HTML)
D2000-1620 (Word)
NBA Properties, Inc.Ituralde-Kasmir Inc.washingtonwizards.comTransfer
D2000-1621 (HTML)
D2000-1621 (Word)
Bill WithersRobert Diminicobillwithers.comTransfer
D2000-1622pieNETWORKS Limited-pie.comTerminated
D2000-1623 (HTML)
D2000-1623 (Word)
News Group Newspapers Limited
News Network Limited
Momm Amed Iapag3.comTransfer
D2000-1624 (HTML)
D2000-1624 (Word)
Infobolsa, S.A.Hispavista, S.L.infobolsa.comTransfer
D2000-1625 (HTML)
D2000-1625 (Word)
Franchise Recruiters, Ltd.Franstaff, Inc.franchiserecruiters.comTransfer
D2000-1626 (HTML)
D2000-1626 (Word)
NBA Properties, Inc.Holladio, Inc.mynba.comTransfer
D2000-1627 (HTML)
D2000-1627 (Word)
Scholastic Inc.366
D2000-1628 (HTML)
D2000-1628 (Word)
Julie BrownJeff Burgarjuliebrown.comTransfer
D2000-1629 (HTML)
D2000-1629 (Word)
Scholastic Inc.Applied Software Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Escholastics
D2000-1630 (HTML)
D2000-1630 (Word)
Decision Analyst, Inc.Doug C. Dohringopinionsurveys.comComplaint denied
D2000-1631 (HTML)
D2000-1631 (Word)
Infospace, Inc.Siavash Jimmy Behain d.b.a Behain Enterprises and d.b.a Global Net 2000,
D2000-1632 (HTML)
D2000-1632 (Word)
Tony Caranci
D2000-1633 (HTML)
D2000-1633 (Word)
eBay, Inc.Sunho Hong d/b/a ebaykorea.comebaykorea.comTransfer
D2000-1634 (HTML)
D2000-1634 (Word)
Schiavello (Vic) Pty Ltd.Gaynor
D2000-1635 (HTML)
D2000-1635 (Word)
Alain Afflelou S.A.Grégoire Claudienafflelou.comTransfer
D2000-1636Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine-imperial-college.comTerminated
D2000-1637 (HTML)
D2000-1637 (Word)
Asahi Kasei Kogyo K.K.Asahi-Kasei.comasahi-kasei.comTransfer
D2000-1638 (HTML)
D2000-1638 (Word)
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.Ramazan Goktasphilips.orgTransfer
D2000-1639 (HTML)
D2000-1639 (Word)
EADS Deutschland GmbH
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V.
D2000-1640UBS AG-ubsgam.comTerminated
D2000-1641 (HTML)
D2000-1641 (Word)
Omnitel Pronto Italia S.p.A.Carlo Dalla Bellaomnitel2000.comTransfer
D2000-1642Mars UK Limited-marsconfectionery.comTerminated
D2000-1643The Coca-Cola Company-cococola.comTerminated
D2000-1644 (HTML)
D2000-1644 (Word)
Mars, Inc.Double Down Magazinemarssmusic.comTransfer
D2000-1645Dermik Laboratories, Inc.-benzaclin.comTerminated
D2000-1646 (HTML)
D2000-1646 (Word)
United States Trust Company of New YorkMatthew Dugganustrust.netTransfer
D2000-1647 (HTML)
D2000-1647 (Word)
Bosley Medical Group
Bosley Medical Institute, Inc.
Bosley Medical
Michael Steven Kremer
bosleymedical.comComplaint denied
D2000-1648 (HTML)
D2000-1648 (Word)
BenzerFutureSoft Consulting Inc.
Sunil Bhatia
benzer.comComplaint denied
D2000-1649 (HTML)
D2000-1649 (Word)
Rosa Montero GalloGalileo Asesores S.L.rosamontero.comTransfer
D2000-1650 (HTML)
D2000-1650 (Word)
José Luis Sampedro SáezGalileo Asesores S.L.joseluissampedro.comTransfer
D2000-1651 (HTML)
D2000-1651 (Word)
E. Gluck CorporationJames L. Clark d/b/a Animationwerksnowwatch.comTransfer
D2000-1652 (HTML)
D2000-1652 (Word)
United States Trust Company of New YorkBig Picture Media
Robert Thompson
D2000-1653 (HTML)
D2000-1653 (Word)
Rona, Inc.Merry Christmas Everyone!ronacashway.comTransfer
D2000-1654 (HTML)
D2000-1654 (Word)
Etam, PlcAlberta Hot Rodstammy.comComplaint denied
D2000-1655 (HTML)
D2000-1655 (Word)
Creative NetVentures, Inc.Webheadsanteup.comComplaint denied
D2000-1656 (HTML)
D2000-1656 (Word)
William Grant & Sons LimitedDaniel Scottobalvenie.comComplaint denied
D2000-1657 (HTML)
D2000-1657 (Word)
McNeil Consumer Brands, Inc.Washington Surgical Servicestylenol.netTransfer
D2000-1658 (HTML)
D2000-1658 (Word)
Oakley, Inc.Kenneth
D2000-1660 (HTML)
D2000-1660 (Word)
Kabushiki Kaisha AlephDoozi.combikkuridonkey.comComplaint denied
D2000-1661 (HTML)
D2000-1661 (Word)
Portugal Telecom, S.A.Contemporary Engineering Max
D2000-1662 (HTML)
D2000-1662 (Word)
Portugal Telecom, S.A.J. Turon
D2000-1663 (HTML)
D2000-1663 (Word)
Orange Personal Communications Services Limited
Orange 3G Ltd.
Richard Sharpeorange3g.comTransfer
D2000-1664Cayman Islands Government-caymanislands.comTerminated
D2000-1665 (HTML)
D2000-1665 (Word)
Saguna Food-und Non-Food-Vertriebs GmbHAdam Abd-Rabbou, trading as Adamstyle Productions
Bolu Akindoyin
D2000-1666 (HTML)
D2000-1666 (Word)
PwC Business TrustComxsys Consulting, Inc.
Mukesh Patel
D2000-1667PwC Business Trust-pwcconsulting.comTerminated
D2000-1668 (HTML)
D2000-1668 (Word)
PwC Business TrustWei-Ling Liaomypwc.comTransfer
D2000-1669Cellular One Group-gotocellularone.comTerminated
D2000-1670 (HTML)
D2000-1670 (Word)
Cellular One GroupThe Design Factorycellularoneltd.comTransfer
D2000-1671 (HTML)
D2000-1671 (Word)
Mandarin Oriental Services B.V.Control Alt Deleteorientalhotel.comTransfer
D2000-1672 (HTML)
D2000-1672 (Word)
Telstra Corporation LimitedHeaydon Enterprises aka Pty Limitedthetelstrashop.comTransfer
D2000-1673 (HTML)
D2000-1673 (Word)
Serena Williams
Venus Williams
Eileen White Byrne
D2000-1674 (HTML)
D2000-1674 (Word)
Kentucky Fried Chicken CorporationMax Marketingkentuckyfriedchicken.netTransfer
D2000-1675 (HTML)
D2000-1675 (Word)
Yahoo! Inc.Hugh Hamilton
Syrynx, Inc.
D2000-1676 (HTML)
D2000-1676 (Word)
Palm Pictures, L.L.C.Nullhannibalrecords.comTransfer
D2000-1677 (HTML)
D2000-1677 (Word)
The Coca-Cola CompanyEugene McGlynn
Gamlebyen Invest AS
D2000-1678 (HTML)
D2000-1678 (Word), Inc.MCL International Ltd.yuamazon.comTransfer
D2000-1679 (HTML)
D2000-1679 (Word)
Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.D. Victoriano Moreno Martinplagboy.comTransfer
D2000-1680 (HTML)
D2000-1680 (Word)
ICL Invia OyjInvia (TM Pend) Ltd.invia.comComplaint denied
D2000-1681 (HTML)
D2000-1681 (Word)
Laboratorios Recalcine S.A.Pablo Aguayorecalcine.comTransfer
D2000-1682 (HTML)
D2000-1682 (Word)
Arneg S.p.A.Domain Name Clearing Company, LLCarneg.comTransfer
D2000-1683Tauck, Inc. a/k/a Tauck Tours
Tauck World Discovery
D2000-1684 (HTML)
D2000-1684 (Word)
Central Lechera Asturiana, S.A.T.Javier López de Juan Abad Mongeloscentrallecheraasturiana.comTransfer
D2000-1685 (HTML)
D2000-1685 (Word)
TV Globo Ltda.Radio Morenajornalhoje.comTransfer
D2000-1686 (HTML)
D2000-1686 (Word)
Delta Air Lines, Inc.Stonybrook Investments, Ltd.deltaairline.comTransfer
D2000-1687 (HTML)
D2000-1687 (Word)
RE Infolink123 Mail, Nathan Freyreinfolink.comComplaint denied
D2000-1688 (HTML)
D2000-1688 (Word)
Newman/Haas RacingVirtual Agents, Inc.newmanhaasracing.comTransfer
D2000-1689 (HTML)
D2000-1689 (Word)
Fabricas Agrupadas de Muñecas de Onil S.A. (FAMOSA)Gord Palametafamosa.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2000-1690 (HTML)
D2000-1690 (Word)
Sara Lee Southern Europe, S.L.SL, Proteccion de Dominioscafemarcilla.comTransfer
D2000-1691Aço Minas Gerais S/A - Açominas-acominas.comTerminated
D2000-1692Bayerische Motoren Werke AG-ultimatedrivingmachines.comTerminated
D2000-1693 (HTML)
D2000-1693 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke Selling Premium Domainultimatedrivingmachine.comTransfer
D2000-1694 (HTML)
D2000-1694 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGMC Companytheultimatedrivingmachine.comTransfer
D2000-1695 (HTML)
D2000-1695 (Word)
America Online, Inc.Kandl Co, Ltd.needicq.comTransfer
D2000-1696Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
D2000-1697 (HTML)
D2000-1697 (Word)
Lorenzo Silva AmadorGalileo Asesores S.L.lorenzosilva.comTransfer
D2000-1698 (HTML)
D2000-1698 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) LimitedDejan Macesicguiness.comTransfer
D2000-1699 (HTML)
D2000-1699 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) LimitedKevinPaulWayneguinness-ireland.comTransfer
D2000-1700Express Publications (Madurai) Ltd.-dinamani.comTerminated
D2000-1701Dennis Bergkamp-dennisbergkamp.comTerminated
D2000-1702Marc Overmars-marcovermars.comTerminated
D2000-1703 (HTML)
D2000-1703 (Word)
La Société ZebankM. Romain
D2000-1704 (HTML)
D2000-1704 (Word)
Rádio Globo S.A.The Paradigm
Complaint denied
D2000-1705 (HTML)
D2000-1705 (Word)
Rádio Globo S.A.Diogo Pimentelradioglobodigital.comComplaint denied
D2000-1706Rádio Globo S.A.-radioglobo.comTerminated
D2000-1707 (HTML)
D2000-1707 (Word)
Nike, Inc.Paul
D2000-1708 (HTML)
D2000-1708 (Word)
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.A.Elaine Belltetrapakamericas.comComplaint denied
D2000-1709 (HTML)
D2000-1709 (Word)
D2000-1710 (HTML)
D2000-1710 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) LimitedFeeney O'Donnell
John O'Donnell
D2000-1711 (HTML)
D2000-1711 (Word)
Yahoo! Inc.Silicon Cityyahoo-1.comTransfer
D2000-1712 (HTML)
D2000-1712 (Word)
Natural Microsystems CorporationMr. Bill Benacnaturalmicrosystems.comComplaint denied
D2000-1713 (HTML)
D2000-1713 (Word)
Tata Sons
D2000-1714 (HTML)
D2000-1714 (Word)
ABB Asea Brown Boveri LtdMark Sheppardabb.netTransfer
D2000-1715 (HTML)
D2000-1715 (Word)
Virgin Enterprises LimitedVirginfreevirginfree.comTransfer
D2000-1716 (HTML)
D2000-1716 (Word)
Thomas Cook Holdings LimitedVacation Traveljmcflights.comTransfer
D2000-1717 (HTML)
D2000-1717 (Word)
Freni Brembo, S.P.A.Webs We Weavebrembobrakes.comComplaint denied
D2000-1718 (HTML)
D2000-1718 (Word)
Niit Ltd.Ghazanfar Aliniit.netTransfer
D2000-1719America Online, Inc.-icqcash.comTerminated
D2000-1720Inclose Design, Inc.-baycooler.comTerminated
D2000-1721Dynamic Visions S.A.-goldorak.comTerminated
D2000-1722 (HTML)
D2000-1722 (Word)
Salomon Smith Barney Inc.Daniel Singer d/b/a Build Me A Website.comsalomansmithbarney.comTransfer
D2000-1723 (HTML)
D2000-1723 (Word)
AT&T Corp.Ondonk Partnersattplaza.comTransfer
D2000-1724 (HTML)
D2000-1724 (Word)
AT&T Corp.Woppiesattanywhere.comTransfer
D2000-1725 (HTML)
D2000-1725 (Word)
Wockhardt LimitedMargold Associateswockhardt.comTransfer
D2000-1726Sun Chemical Corporation-polychrome.comTerminated
D2000-1727 (HTML)
D2000-1727 (Word)
General Electric CompanyMomm Amed Iagebenefits.comTransfer
D2000-1728 (HTML)
D2000-1728 (Word)
Lapponia Jewelry OyRautelin
D2000-1729 (HTML)
D2000-1729 (Word)
Boquoi Handels-GmbH & Co. KGJose Santos Alvarezbofrost.comTransfer
D2000-1730 (HTML)
D2000-1730 (Word)
The Amazing Kreskin, d/b/a Kreskin, Inc.Gerry McCambridgekreskin.comTransfer
D2000-1731 (HTML)
D2000-1731 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) LimitedGisoo Choguinnessnet.comTransfer
D2000-1732 (HTML)
D2000-1732 (Word)
First Tuesday LimitedThe Startup Generator Christopher Stammerwirelesswednesdays.comComplaint denied
D2000-1733 (HTML)
D2000-1733 (Word)
Lockheed Martin CorporationNing Yelockheedmartin.orgTransfer
D2000-1734 (HTML)
D2000-1734 (Word)
Barry DillerInternetco Corpbarrydiller.orgTransfer
D2000-1735 (HTML)
D2000-1735 (Word)
Nagatanien Co., Ltd.Interdealernagatanien.comTransfer
D2000-1736 (HTML)
D2000-1736 (Word)
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.Keith Langphilips-indo.comTransfer
D2000-1737 (HTML)
D2000-1737 (Word)
Shadowline Inc.ICOM Datenverarbeitungs GmbHshadowline.comComplaint denied
D2000-1738 (HTML)
D2000-1738 (Word)
Dial-A-Mattress Operating Corp.Juan L.
D2000-1739 (HTML)
D2000-1739 (Word)
Cox Texas Newspapers, L.P. d/b/a Austin American-StatesmanHickey Art Studioaustinamericanstatesman.comTransfer
D2000-1740 (HTML)
D2000-1740 (Word)
Tyco International Services, AG
Tyco International (US) Inc.
Paul Quinntycoventures.comTransfer
D2000-1741 (HTML)
D2000-1741 (Word)
G+J McCall's LLC / Rosie O'Donnell / Lucky Charms Entertainment, Inc.
Gruner + Jahr Printing & Publishing Co.
D2000-1742 (HTML)
D2000-1742 (Word)
G+J McCall's LLC / Rosie O'Donnell / Lucky Charms Entertainment, Inc.
Gruner + Jahr Printing & Publishing Co.
CPIC Netrosiesmccalls.comTransfer
D2000-1743 (HTML)
D2000-1743 (Word)
Fendi Adele S.r.l.Mitchell Kass Designsareafendi.comTransfer
D2000-1744 (HTML)
D2000-1744 (Word)
Sun Pacific Marketing Coop, Inc.Neil Hao dba Infofactorysunpacific.comTransfer
D2000-1745 (HTML)
D2000-1745 (Word)
Calçados Azaléia S/ALink Commercial Corp.azaleia.comTransfer
D2000-1746VeriSign, Inc.-verasign.netTerminated
D2000-1747Maruti Udyog Limited
Suzuki Motor Corporation
D2000-1748 (HTML)
D2000-1748 (Word)
Sidamsa Continente Hipermercados, S.A.Rose Communications, S.L.denuestratierra.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2000-1749 (HTML)
D2000-1749 (Word)
Diverisified Gestao e Investimentos Lda.Krikor Doumaniangilli.comTransfer
D2000-1750 (HTML)
D2000-1750 (Word)
Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc.Peter J.
D2000-1751 (HTML)
D2000-1751 (Word)
San Francisco Museum of Modern ArtJoshua S. Drapiewskisfmoma.comTransfer
D2000-1752Goldfinger Coin and Bullion Inc.-goldfingercoins.comTerminated
D2000-1753La Société
D2000-1754 (HTML)
D2000-1754 (Word)
Asprey & Garrard LimitedDJV
D2000-1755 (HTML)
D2000-1755 (Word)
ProMarkt Elektrohandel GmbH
ProMarkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Marco Spoerrle Consulting & Investment Inc.promarkt.comTransfer
D2000-1756 (HTML)
D2000-1756 (Word)
Robert Barry & Co. LimitedJason Beattyrobertbarry.comTransfer
D2000-1757 (HTML)
D2000-1757 (Word)
Casa Editorial el Tiempo S.A.Spider Webs Limitedcasaeditorialeltiempo.comTransfer
D2000-1758 (HTML)
D2000-1758 (Word)
Robert ChestnutJennifer Tumminelliracegirl.comComplaint denied
D2000-1759 (HTML)
D2000-1759 (Word)
Beiersdorf AGGood Deal Communicationsniveasun.comTransfer
D2000-1760 (HTML)
D2000-1760 (Word)
Beiersdorf AGAlecsey Sorokinnivea.orgTransfer
D2000-1761 (HTML)
D2000-1761 (Word)
Saab Automobile AB
Saab Opel Sverige AB
Joakim Nordberg
D2000-1762 (HTML)
D2000-1762 (Word)
The Zegna Group of Companies
Zegna Japan Co. Ltd.
Mr. Isao Ishikawazegna-japan.comTransfer
D2000-1763 (HTML)
D2000-1763 (Word)
Pharmacia & Upjohn CompanyBrainbow, inc.cleocin.comTransfer
D2000-1764 (HTML)
D2000-1764 (Word)
Koç Holdings A.S.MarketWeb A.S.koc.comComplaint denied
D2000-1765 (HTML)
D2000-1765 (Word)
Recoletos Compañia Editorial S.A.Recoletos.comrecoletos.comTransfer
D2000-1766 (HTML)
D2000-1766 (Word)
America Online, Inc.Ultima Goldicqteam.comTransfer
D2000-1767 (HTML)
D2000-1767 (Word)
University of StuttgartJunge Union Stuttgartunistuttgart.comTransfer
D2000-1768 (HTML)
D2000-1768 (Word)
NetWizards, Inc.Spectrum Enterprisesnetwizard.netTransfer
D2000-1769 (HTML)
D2000-1769 (Word)
Neusiedler Aktiengesellschaft (NAG)Vinayak Kulkarnineusiedler.comComplaint denied
D2000-1770 (HTML)
D2000-1770 (Word)
Chevy Chase Bank, F.S.B.Peter Ojochevychasebank.orgTransfer
D2000-1771 (HTML)
D2000-1771 (Word)
FleetBoston Financial CorporationJung Y. Leefleetbostonfinancial.comTransfer
D2000-1772 (HTML)
D2000-1772 (Word)
Tribeca Film Center, IncLorenzo Brusasco-Mackenzietribecafilmcenter.comComplaint denied
D2000-1773 (HTML)
D2000-1773 (Word)
Fc Bayern München e.V.fcbayern.comfcbayern.comTransfer
D2000-1774 (HTML)
D2000-1774 (Word)
Nikon Corporation (Nikon Japan)
Nikon Inc. (USA)
D2000-1775Dr. Babor GmbH & Co.-babor.comTerminated
D2000-1776 (HTML)
D2000-1776 (Word)
Klaukol S.A.Argentina Web Design S.R.L.klaukol.comTransfer
D2000-1777 (HTML)
D2000-1777 (Word)
Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)Daniela Naidupetronas.netTransfer
D2000-1778 (HTML)
D2000-1778 (Word)
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.Mr. Cun Siang Wangphilips-indonesia.comComplaint denied
D2000-1779 (HTML)
D2000-1779 (Word)
Professional Golfers' Association of AmericaGeoff Watsonryder-cup.orgTransfer
D2000-1780 (HTML)
D2000-1780 (Word)
America's Community BankersCharles R. Wing
Wing Broadcasting inc.
Complaint denied, transfer in part
D2000-1781 (HTML)
D2000-1781 (Word)
Israel Discount Bank of New YorkRichard A. Galvinidbbank.comTransfer
D2000-1782Yuzawaya Art Academy Co., Ltd, / Yuzawaya Real Estate Co., Ltd
Yuzawaya Trading Co., Ltd
D2000-1783 (HTML)
D2000-1783 (Word)
Robein Leven N.V.Internet Service Dokkumrobein.comTransfer
D2000-1784Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) Limited-pintofguinness.comTerminated
D2000-1785 (HTML)
D2000-1785 (Word)
Arthur Guinness Son & Co. (Dublin) LimitedExecutive Products
D2000-1786 (HTML)
D2000-1786 (Word)
Emilio Pucci, Inc.pucci.comComplaint denied
D2000-1787Centex Corporation-waynehomes.comTerminated
D2000-1788Bulmers Limited-bulmerscider.comTerminated
D2000-1789 (HTML)
D2000-1789 (Word)
Telstra Corporation LimitedDomain-Broker-Labstelstra-pccw.comTransfer
D2000-1790Kawasaki Motors Corp.-ninjamotorcycles.comTerminated
D2000-1791 (HTML)
D2000-1791 (Word)
Sankyo Co., Ltd.Zhu Jiajun三共.comTransfer
D2000-1792 (HTML)
D2000-1792 (Word)
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse CorporationSmartsoft,
D2000-1793 (HTML)
D2000-1793 (Word)
Titan Industries LimitedTanishq Corporationtanishq.comComplaint denied
D2000-1794 (HTML)
D2000-1794 (Word)
Ferrero S.p.A.Mario Pisanonutellaparty.comTransfer
D2000-1795 (HTML)
D2000-1795 (Word)
HMI Group LimitedJulien Holden
Netcon I.T. Services Ltd
D2000-1796 (HTML)
D2000-1796 (Word)
RC Ritzenhoff Cristal AGHiroki Mitsuhashiritzenhoff.comComplaint denied
D2000-1797 (HTML)
D2000-1797 (Word)
First Conferences LimitedChad Folkening
internetcontent.comComplaint denied
D2000-1798 (HTML)
D2000-1798 (Word)
Bodegas Y Vinedos Lopez S.A.Raul Didierbodegaslopez.comTransfer
D2000-1799Clifford Chance LLP-cliffordchancellp.comTerminated


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