WIPO Academy

The WIPO Academy is the core entity in WIPO for training and human capacity-building activities, particularly for developing countries, least-developed countries (LDCs) and countries in transition.

The Academy acts as a catalyst for a virtual network of partners, experts and teachers in development-oriented IP training.  It provides professional and open-access online learning and training. The training activities of the Academy are designed to expand the range and impact of training opportunities at the national, regional and international levels.

Catalogue of courses


Academy programs

Our rich portfolio of general and specialized courses on IP caters to different target audiences: inventors and creators, business managers and IP professionals, policy makers and government officials of IP institutions, diplomats, students and teachers of IP, and civil society. Courses combine traditional face-to-face and distance learning methodologies and are taught by people well versed in IP to stimulate innovation, creativity and development.

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Professional development

General and specialized IP training for diplomats and government officials.

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Academic Institutions Program and IP Training Institutions

Joint Master's degrees in IP, support for universities in IP teaching, and assistance in setting up national IP training institutions.

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Distance learning

E-Learning platform for IP courses at basic and advanced levels in up to seven languages.

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Summer school

Short IP courses for senior students and young professionals.