WIPO for Creators

Promoting Rights Awareness

WIPO for Creators is an open public–private partnership launched by WIPO and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation.
Creators worldwide contribute to the richness and diversity of culture and we all enjoy their stories, their music, their films and their art. In order for this to continue, all our valued creators must be equipped with the knowledge they need to successfully manage their intellectual property rights. WIPO for Creators is a unique public private partnership, and with the support of creators, other stakeholders and governments across the globe, it will form a truly open and inclusive community. It will work together to improve networks and infrastructure supporting the growth of creative industries everywhere.
WIPO for Creators aims to raise awareness and increase knowledge of creators’ rights and related management practices, ensuring recognition and fair reward for all creators regardless of their geographical, cultural or economic conditions.

CLIP – the digital awareness platform on creators’ rights is now available!

Video: WIPO Director General Daren Tang explains the benefits of WIPO for Creators.

Video: Bjorn Ulvaeus,  ABBA member and Music Rights Awareness Foundation co-founder, explains how knowledge of IP rights is key to a successful music career.

What is the first step for WIPO for Creators?

WIPO for Creators is launching a rights awareness platform with the aim of supporting creators worldwide across the many different creative fields. This vital initiative will make it its mission to increase knowledge around creators’ intellectual property rights and related management practices.


Video: WIPO for Creators Explainer video.

Who can be part of WIPO for Creators?

All creators and stakeholders from various creative industries are welcome to join this open initiative. For details on the different forms of participation, please consult our charter [​​​​PDF].


You can become a Sponsor if you are a legal entity or a natural person that wishes to support the activities through financial or in-kind contributions.


If you are a legal entity or trade association representing creators or creative industry stakeholders you can become a Member of WIPO for Creators.

Leadership testimonials

Watch the testimonials of WIPO for Creators first partners:
International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, (CISAC), Digital Media Association (DiMA), International Federation of Musicians (FIM), International Authors Forum (IAF), International Confederation of Music Publishers (ICMP), International Publishers Association (IPA), International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO), Independent Music Publishers International Forum (IMPF), Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA), Society for Collective Administration of Performer’s Rights (SCAPR), and Digital Data Exchange (DDEX), the UK IPO.

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