Madrid System Podcast: Episode 9 – Washington 1911 to Stockholm 1967; Fine-tuning the Madrid Agreement (Part 2)

January 31, 2024

We’ve just released Episode #9 of our Madrid System Podcast “International Trademark System Talks”. Following on from Episode #8, we continue our journey into the evolution of WIPO’s Madrid System in the 20th century. Didn’t manage to listen to Episode #8? Listen to both episodes now!

In Episode 9, we look at how the Madrid Agreement managed to survive – and later even flourish in the aftermath of – two world wars, the Cold War, and more.

World War II had a profound impact on international industrial property laws. Breakdowns in communication and lack of cooperation between warring nations made it difficult to enforce agreements. But, in the post-war years, innovation started once again to flourish and international cooperation slowly recovered, paving the way for the expansion and modernization of the Madrid Agreement and the birth of the Madrid Protocol in 1989.


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