Madrid System: Our Next Round of 2024 Webinars

April 11, 2024

Our Madrid System webinar program for April through to end-June 2024 is out, with something for everyone from beginners to our more seasoned users.

Join us online to deepen your knowledge about specific Madrid System features and procedures; searching, filing, and managing international trademark registrations; the importance of correctly classifying your goods and services; and much more! As usual, we will offer these webinars in multiple languages to cater to as many of you as possible. We look forward to seeing you online!


Up first…

Transformation and replacement of an international trademark registration

We’re starting our new program off with the Russian-language version of our popular webinar on transformation and replacement. Join us to find out all about the differences between transformation and replacement, and the steps you need to take – if any – to use these features of the Madrid System.

Searching for trademarks: Making the most of WIPO’s Global Brand Database

Join us for a close look at this top trademark search tool – from simple searching through to more advanced techniques and features.

Managing international trademark registrations – Limitations, cancellations and more

Do you want to know more about how to restrict your list of goods and services for some – or all – of the Madrid System Members covered by your international trademark registration? Are you looking for information on how you can renounce protection of all the goods and services in just some Members? Or maybe you even want to cancel an international trademark registration! Join us for a closer look at these specific aspects of managing your international trademark registration.

Preparing your international trademark application: An overview of the resources under eMadrid

Would you like to know more about the tools and resources that are available under eMadrid to support you throughout the process of filing an international trademark application? Sign up now!

Goods and services – The important role classification plays in trademark protection

Protecting your trademark in relevant classes of goods and services is a must for your current and future brand identity. Make sure that classification is an integral part of your trademark protection strategy right from the word ‘go’. Join us to find out more!

Also on the agenda…

Searching for trademarks: Advanced search functions of Madrid Monitor

Take a closer look at some of the more – and often overlooked – advanced features of Madrid Monitor, to ensure that you’re getting the most out of Madrid Monitor!

Common mistakes made by Madrid System users

Join our experts to find out all about how to avoid irregularity letters from WIPO – and provisional refusals from intellectual property (IP) Offices – when filing an international trademark application. And get guidance on how to make corrections in the event of such an irregularity!

Changing ownership of an international trademark registration

Looking for information on how to request a change of ownership through eMadrid? This webinar is perfect for you! Our experts will also guide you through procedures as well as common issues that arise.

How to file an international trademark application

All the information you need to successfully file an international trademark application. Simply select your preferred language and sign up!

Madrid System web resources

Whether you’re a prospective or accomplished user of the Madrid System, join us for this guided tour of the Madrid System website and eMadrid gateway. We’ll be showing you how to navigate around and get the most out of the top resources and tools that are available to support you when filing and managing your international trademark registrations.

The Madrid System for newcomers – A beginner's guide to WIPO's international trademark system

New to the Madrid System? Want to know more about it works, what tools and resources are available to help you throughout the lifecycle of your international trademark registration, and how to leverage the System to ensure the best chance of success for protection of your trademark in overseas markets? Learn all this and more direct from our Madrid System experts!

Using a Current Account at WIPO – Everything you need to know about payments

Learn all about using a Current Account at WIPO to pay fees relating to international trademark applications and registrations. Our experts will give you plenty of tips and tricks along the way!

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of each webinar. We’re there to help you!

We look forward to seeing you online!

How to attend

Just select the upcoming webinar(s) you’d like to attend and complete the online registration form(s). We’ll send you a confirmation email, with a link to the webinar event along with your personal access code. On the day, just click on the link and enter your access code to join.

If you prefer, you can dial in and listen to the presentation by phone. We will include dial-in instructions in your confirmation email.

If you missed out…

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