Madrid e-Filing Now Available in Belize

May 22, 2024

Belize is the latest Madrid System Member to sign up to our Madrid e-Filing service – our digital and streamlined environment through which you can file, and intellectual property (IP) Offices can process, applications for international trademark registrations.

Belize is the first country in Central America to offer this WIPO-powered service.

Reminder! Through Madrid e-Filing, you don’t just file online; you can communicate directly with your Office of Origin and receive – as well as respond to – any irregularity notices that we (WIPO) may issue. It’s easy, fast, and secure!

The IP Offices of 25 Madrid System Members are now using Madrid e-Filing.

"Madrid e-Filing service is one of the objectives under #planBelize Medium-Term Development Strategy 2022-2026 which promises to streamline IP registration processes to improve the ease of doing business in Belize. We are extremely happy to be the first country in Central America to offer this service. Our small and medium-sized enterprises particularly can now expand their IP protection internationally from the comfort of their own home or business, without the need to visit the IP Office."
– Kay King, Deputy Registrar, Belize Intellectual Property Office, Belize

How to use Madrid e-Filing

  1. Go to the website of Belize’s IP Office.
  2. Go to ‘Visit Madrid e-Filing’.
  3. Enter your WIPO Account username and password (Don’t have a WIPO Account? Create one!).
  4. Select "New application".
  5. Select ‘BZ - Belize’ from the drop-down list of Offices.
  6. Click on ‘Import basic application or registration’.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete your application.

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