Madrid e-Filing Now Available in San Marino

December 11, 2023

Are you the holder of a national trademark registration in San Marino, looking to extend your business overseas? If yes, you can now file an application for an international trademark registration directly online using our Madrid e-Filing service.

Flag of San Marino
(Photo: Getty/Aoraee)

The San Marino State Office for Patent and Trademarks (USBM) is pleased to introduce the Madrid e-Filing and its advantages to the public. Madrid e-Filing will allow San Marino trademark owners to expand the protection of their national trademark registrations in a secure and online environment. The e-filing solution allows users to communicate directly with USBM and receive and respond to irregularities issued by WIPO online, saving time and avoiding misunderstandings.

State Office for Patent and Trademarks

The USBM is the 22nd intellectual property (IP) Office of a Madrid System Member to sign up to Madrid e-Filing!

Madrid e-Filing – a fully digital process

Madrid e-Filing is a secure, digital, and streamlined environment through which you can file – and IP Offices can process – applications for international trademark registrations. You can directly communicate with your Office of Origin through the platform, as well as receive – and respond to – any irregularity notices that we (WIPO) issue.

How to use Madrid e-Filing

  1. Go to the USBM website and select ‘eMadrid”.
  2. Enter your WIPO Account username and password (Don’t have a WIPO Account? Create one!).
  3. Click on ‘New application’.
  4. Follow the prompts to complete your application.

Why use Madrid e-Filing?

  • Reduced irregularities – applications are pre-populated with key information taken directly from your national trademark.
  • Direct compilation of goods and services, and compatibility checking of terms across 41 Madrid System Members.
  • Streamlined certification process at home IP Offices (Office of Origin)
  • Reduced processing time.
  • Access to the real-time status of applications anytime, anywhere.

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