WIPO-Administered Treaties

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NoNotification TitleTreatyNotification Date
No 56Accession by the Republic of CyprusWIPO Performances and Phonograms TreatySeptember 2, 2005
No 147Accession by the Republic of CyprusMadrid Agreement (Marks)August 4, 2003
No 148Accession by the Republic of Cyprus (Protocol)Madrid ProtocolAugust 4, 2003
No 44Accession by the Republic of CyprusWIPO Copyright TreatyAugust 4, 2003
No 126Accession by the Republic of CyprusPatent Cooperation TreatyJanuary 1, 1998
No 12Ratification by the Republic of CyprusTrademark Law TreatyJanuary 17, 1997
No 1SignatoriesTrademark Law TreatyNovember 8, 1995
No 53Accession of the Republic of CyprusPhonograms ConventionJune 30, 1993
No 29Accession by the Republic of CyprusNairobi TreatyJuly 11, 1985
No 129Accession by the Republic of CyprusWIPO ConventionJuly 27, 1984
No 108Accession by the Republic of Cyprus to the Stockholm Act (1967)Paris ConventionJanuary 3, 1984
No 105Ratification of the Paris Act (1971) by the Republic of CyprusBerne ConventionApril 27, 1983
No 56Notification deposited by the Republic of Cyprus concerning the application of the transitional provisions (five-year privilege)WIPO ConventionOctober 3, 1974
No 34Signatory Countries of the Paris Act (1971)Berne ConventionFebruary 9, 1972