Participating in the IGC

Participation in the IGC is open to WIPO member states and accredited inter-governmental (IGO) and non-governmental (NGO) organizations.

  • List of accredited organizations PDF, list of IGC observers

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Decisions on accreditation are made by the WIPO member states at the beginning of each session of the IGC. Organizations requesting to be accredited as an observer at the IGC should complete the accreditation form Accreditation form, Pdf doc and submit it to WIPO at least 60 days prior to each session of the IGC.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Accreditation to the IGC PDF, FAQ on IGC accreditation

WIPO Voluntary Fund

The WIPO Voluntary Fund facilitates the participation of indigenous and local communities in the work of the IGC. Accredited observers which are representatives of local or indigenous communities may apply for financial support for participation in IGC sessions and meetings of the Intersessional Working Groups (IWGs). The rules PDF, Rules of the Voluntary Fund of the Voluntary Fund are adopted by the WIPO General Assembly.

Applications for funding related to a particular session of the IGC must be received by WIPO at least 60 days before the session which precedes the session for which funding is sought. Applicants are invited to complete the application form PDF, Accreditation form doc and send it to WIPO.

The extent of support that the Voluntary Fund can provide depends on donations. Potential donors are encouraged to contact WIPO for further information. Even modest contributions will contribute to the success of the Fund.

  • Why support the WIPO Voluntary Fund? PDF, Why Support the WIPO Voluntary Fund?
  • Voluntary Fund questions and answers PDF, Voluntary Fund Questions and Answers

Observer submissions

Accredited observers may submit to WIPO (via e-mail to comments, technical papers, national experiences and other documents relevant to the issues being discussed under the IGC. These documents are published on the observer submissions web page.