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Country / TerritoryCityTISC Name
Russian FederationAbakanFederal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional obraazovaniya Khakassia State University . NF Katanov Abakan
Russian FederationArkhangelskArkhangelsk Regional Scientific Library. N.A. Dobrolyubova
Russian FederationAstrakhanMedical University Astrakhan State Medical Russian Ministry of Health
Russian FederationAstrakhanSBEI of HE "Astrakhan State University"
Russian FederationBarnaulRegional state budget institution Altai Regional Universal Scientific Library. VY Shishkov
Russian FederationBelgorodBelgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture
Russian FederationBelgorodBelgorod State Universal Scientific Library
Russian FederationBelgorodBelgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law
Russian FederationBelgorodThe Federal state autonomous educational institution of higher education "Belgorod State National Research University" (NIU "BSU")
Russian FederationBlagoveshchenskAmur State University
Russian FederationBryanskBryansk F.I. Tyutchev Regional Scientific Universal Library
Russian FederationBryanskFGBOU VO Bryansk State Technical University
Russian FederationBryanskUnion "Chamber of Commerce of Bryansk"
Russian FederationCheboksaryAutonomous Institution of the Chuvash Republic Postgraduate Doctors Training Institute of HealthCare and Social Development Ministry
Russian FederationCheboksaryCheboksary Institute (Branch) of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Moscow Polytechnic University"
Russian FederationCheboksaryChuvash State Agricultural Academy
Russian FederationCheboksaryNational Library of the Chuvash Republic
Russian FederationChelyabinskSouth Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Russian FederationChernogolovkaExperimental Factory of Scientific Engineering with Special Design Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian FederationDaghestanDaghestan State Technical University
Russian FederationEkaterinburgUral Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin
Russian FederationFryazinoTechnological Innovative SEZ "Istok"
Russian FederationGatchinaUnion "Leningrad Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry"
Russian FederationGroznyFederal State Institution of Higher Education "Chechen State University" (HPE FGBOU CSU)
Russian FederationIrkutskFEDERAL AGENCY OF SCIENTIFIC ORGANIZATIONS The Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Irkutsk Scientific Center for Surgery and Traumatology" (INTSHT)
Russian FederationIrkutskIrkutsk National Research Technical University
Russian FederationIvanovoFGBOU VO "Ivanovo State Chemical-Technological University"
Russian FederationIvanovoIvanovo State Power Engineering University
Russian FederationKalugaKaluga Science and Technology Center
Russian FederationKazanAssociation "Non-Commercial Partnership "Kamsk Innovative Territorial-Production Cluster"
Russian FederationKazanChamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tatarstan
Russian FederationKazanFGBOU VO "Kazan National Research Technical University. A.N. Tupolev-KAI"
Russian FederationKazanFGBOU VO "Kazan National Research Technological University"
Russian FederationKazanInterregional Clinical-Diagnostis Centre
Russian FederationKazanJoint Stock Company "Kazan Helicopters"
Russian FederationKazanJSC "Scientific-Production Association" State Institute of Applied Optics "(JSC" NPO GIPO")
Russian FederationKazanKazan Aviation Plant named after S.P. Gorbunova - Branch of PJSC
Russian FederationKazanKazan State Medical University of the Ministry of Healthcare
Russian FederationKazanLimited Liability Company "Gazprom Transgaz Kazan"
Russian FederationKazanLLC "Biz-Brand"
Russian FederationKazanLLC "Eidos-Medicine"
Russian FederationKazanLLC "Information Technology Centre in Education"
Russian FederationKazanPJS Company "Kazanorgsintez"
Russian FederationKazanPublic organization "Society of Inventors and Innovators of the Republic of Tatarstan"
Russian FederationKazanState Autonomous Public Health Institution "Republican Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan"
Russian FederationKazanTatarstan Scientific and Technical Information Center
Russian FederationKazanTechnopark in the sphere of high technologies "IT- park"
Russian FederationKazanVPO "Kazan State Power Engineering University " (KSPEU)
Russian FederationKemerovoKemerovo State University
Russian FederationKemerovoResearch and Academic Centre «Kuzbass»
Russian FederationKhabarovskPacific National University (HPE FGBOU VPO)
Russian FederationKhanty-MansiyskAU "High Technology Park"
Russian FederationKirovFGBUN "Kirov Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency"
Russian FederationKirovKirov Regional Scientific Library named after A.I. Herzen
Russian FederationKirovVyatka State University
Russian FederationKomsomolskiyMunicipal Budgetary Institution of Supplementary Education
Russian FederationKostromaKostroma State University . NA Nekrasov
Russian FederationKrasnodarFederal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Kuban State University of Technology
Russian FederationKrasnodarKrasnodar CSTI (Center for Scientific and Technical Information - branch FGBU "Russian Energy Agency" Russian Ministry of Energy)
Russian FederationKrasnoyarskFBU Krasnoyarsk UCM
Russian FederationKrasnoyarskSiberian Federal University
Russian FederationKurganCCU Kurgan Regional Universal Scientific Library. AK Yugova
Russian FederationKurskFederal State educational institution of higher professional education The Kursk State Agricultural Academy. prof. I.I.Ivanova
Russian FederationKurskSouthwest State University
Russian FederationLeningrad OblastMunicipal Budgetary Institution for Supplementary Education "Creativity Development Centre"
Russian FederationLipetskGBUK "Lipetsk Regional Universal Scientific Library"
Russian FederationLipetskLipetsk State Technical University
Russian FederationMagadanMagadan Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.S. Pushkin
Russian FederationMirnyMirny Polytechnic Institute (Branch of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University)
Russian FederationMoscowFederal State Unitary Enterprise “All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Aviation Materials”
Russian FederationMoscowFoundation for Advanced Studies
Russian FederationMoscowFSBEI of HE "Russian State Social University"
Russian FederationMoscowHigher School of Economics
Russian FederationMoscowIntellectual Property Center "Skolkovo" LLC
Russian FederationMoscowJoint-Stock Company "Aerospace Defense Concern Almaz-Antey" Limited Liability Company "VKO-Intellect"
Russian FederationMoscowScientific Industrial Enterprise "Sapfir"
Russian FederationMoscowThe Pipeline Transport Institute (PTI, LLC)
Russian FederationMurmanskMurmansk Centre of Scientific and Technical Information - Brach of Federal State Budgetary Organization "Russian Energy Agency" of the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation
Russian FederationMurmanskMurmansk State Technical University
Russian FederationNaberezhnye ChelnyOJSC KAMAZ
Russian FederationNalchikFederal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Kabardino-Balkarian State University. HM Berbekov" (KBSU)
Russian FederationNaryan-MarNenets Central Library named after A.I. Pichkov
Russian FederationNeryungriNorth-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk
Russian FederationNizhnevartovskNizhnevartovsk State University
Russian FederationNizhny NovgorodScience and Information Center
Russian FederationNovosibirskNovosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Russian FederationNovosibirskThe State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science
Russian FederationOmskOmsk State Technical University
Russian FederationOrenburgOrenburg State University
Russian FederationOrenburgUnion Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Orenburg Region
Russian FederationOryolFederal State Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Oryol State University named after I.S. Turgenev"
Russian FederationPenzaPenza State University
Russian FederationPetropavlovsk-KamchatkaKamchatsky State Technical University
Russian FederationPetrozavodskPetrozavodsk State University
Russian FederationProtvinoAutonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Citizens Social Support "Rostok"
Russian FederationPushkinGAOU VO LO "Leningrad State University named after AS Pushkin"
Russian FederationPyatigorskPyatigorsk Chamber of Commerce
Russian FederationReutovReutov Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Russian FederationRostov-on-DonAutonomous Non-Commercial Organization of Innovative Development of Education and Science "FIRON"
Russian FederationRostov-on-DonFGBOU VO "Don State Technical University"
Russian FederationRuzaevkaThe UNITER Centre for Additional Education for Children in Ruzaevskiy Municipal District
Russian FederationRyazanRyazan Scientific and Technical Information Center
Russian FederationRybinskFGBOU VO "Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University named after P.A. Soloveva"
Russian FederationSaint PetersburgFoundation “Centre of International Cooperation “Kadutsey”
Russian FederationSaint PetersburgGBOU secondary school No. 547 of the Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg
Russian FederationSaint PetersburgMikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy (MVAA)
Russian FederationSaint PetersburgPeter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgCentre of Further Training of Specialists "Information and Methodological Centres" of Krasnoselsk Region
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgFGKVOU VO "Military academy of material and technical support named after General A.V. Khrulev"
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgFSBEI of HE "St. Petersburg State University of Economics"
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgHolding Company "LENPOLIGRAPHMASH"
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgInstitute for Engineering and Environmental Problems in Agricultural Production
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgITMO University
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgLLC "Intellectual Plus"
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgLyceum 590 of the Krasnoselskiy Region
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgSaint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgSaint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgSaint-Petersburg State University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgSt Petersburg University
Russian FederationSaint-PetersburgThe V. G. Khlopin Radium Institute
Russian FederationSalekhardUnion "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area"
Russian FederationSamaraOOO Gazprom Transgaz Samara
Russian FederationSamaraSamara Regional Universal Scientific Library
Russian FederationSamaraSamara State Technical University
Russian FederationSaranskFederal State Educational Establishment
Russian FederationSaranskIndependent institution "Technopark-Mordovia"
Russian FederationSaranskOOO "Rostr"
Russian FederationSaranskStock Company "Mordovia Car Manufacturing Company"
Russian FederationSaratovFederalnoe gosudarstvennoe byudzhetnoe obrazovatelnoe uchrezhdenie vysshego professionalnogo obrazovaniya "Saratovskij gosudarstvennyi agrarnyj universitet im. N.I. Vavilova"
Russian FederationSaratovSaratov State University
Russian FederationSaratovUri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov
Russian FederationSevastopolFGB VOU VPO Black Sea Higher Naval School of the Order of the Red Star named after P.S. Nakhimo
Russian FederationSimferopolFGBUN "Crimean Agricultural Research Institute"
Russian FederationSimferopolS.I. Georgievsky Medical Academy (structural subdivision of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education
Russian FederationSochiEducational Foundation "Talent and Success"
Russian FederationSochiSochi State University
Russian FederationStavropolNorth Caucasian Federal University
Russian FederationSurgutThe budgetary institution of higher education of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra "Surgut State University"
Russian FederationSyktyvkarFGBUN Institute of Chemistry of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Chemistry of the Komi Science Center, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Russian FederationSyktyvkarKomi Republican Academy of Public Service and Administration
Russian FederationSyktyvkarNational Library of the Republic of Komi
Russian FederationTambovTambov State Technical University
Russian FederationTogliattiTogliatti Institute of Technical Creativity and Patent Science
Russian FederationTolyattiTogliatti State University
Russian FederationTomskNational Research Tomsk Polytechnic University
Russian FederationTulaANO "Scientific and Educational Center" Tula TECH"
Russian FederationTverFSBEI of HE "Tver State Medical University" of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Russian FederationTverTver Regional Universal Scientific Library named after A.M. Gorky
Russian FederationTverTver State Technical University
Russian FederationTyumenTumen Regional Organization of “All-Russian Inventors and Rationalizations Organization”
Russian FederationUfaBashkir State University
Russian FederationUfaInstitute of Intellectual Property and Certification
Russian FederationUlan-UdeThe National Library of the Republic of Buryatia
Russian FederationUlyanovskANO Agency for Innovative Development of the Ulyanovsk Region
Russian FederationUlyanovskANO Agency for Technological Development of the Ulyanovsk Region
Russian FederationUlyanovskANO "Agency for Innovative Development of the Ulyanovsk Region"
Russian FederationUlyanovskUlyanovsk State Technical University
Russian FederationVelikiy NovgorodFederal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University”
Russian FederationVladikavkazNorth Ossetian State University named after K.L. Khetagurov
Russian FederationVladivostokFar Eastern Federal University
Russian FederationVolgogradVolgograd Chamber of Commerce
Russian FederationVologdaVologda State University
Russian FederationVoronezhFSBEI of HE "Voronezh State Technical University"
Russian FederationVoronezhVoronezh State Agricultural University named after Peter the Great
Russian FederationVoronezhVoronezh State Forestry Engineering University. G.F. Morozova
Russian FederationVoronezhVoronezh TSNTI - Branch of FGBU "REA" Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation
Russian FederationYakutskNational Library of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Russian FederationYakutskNorth-Eastern Federal University named after M.K.Ammosov
Russian FederationYakutskState budgetary institution "Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)"
Russian FederationYaltaThe Order of the Red Banner of Labour Nikitsky Botanical Garden - National Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian FederationYaroslavlYaroslavl State University . PG Demidov
Russian FederationYoshkar-OlaMari State University
Russian FederationYoshkar-OlaVolga State University of Technology
Russian FederationYuzhno-SakhalinskSakhalin State University