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Foundation for Advanced Studies

Contact Information

Address121059, g. Moscow, Berezhkovskaya nab., d. 22, str. 3. Universitetskiy Prospekt, d. 12, g. Moscow, 119330

121059, г. Москва, Бережковская наб., д. 22, стр. 3. Университетский проспект, д. 12, г. Москва, 119330
Telephone(+7) 499 418 002 5
Fax(+7) 499 418 002 6
Web sitehttp://www.fpi.gov.ru/about/areas

Technologies and Services

Service(s) Access to patent and scientific and technical databases
Assistance and advice in using databases
Assistance and advice on IP management – Licensing, technology transfer
Specialization(s) Electrical and electronic engineering
Information and communication technology
Mechanical engineering
Language(s) Russian
Service(s) available to non-residents (foreign clients) No