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Access to SPECIALIZED PATENT INFORMATION for Developing Countries - ASPI

Through the Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program, patent offices and academic and research institutions in developing countries can receive free or low-cost access to sophisticated tools and services for retrieving and analyzing patent data.

Publication year: 2011


The Lisbon System

The Lisbon System facilitates the international protection of appellations of origin through one single registration procedure. The Lisbon system does away with the need to file multiple registrations at different offices and covers over two dozen countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Publication year: 2011


Managing Intellectual Property in the Advertising Industry

Creative Industries - Booklet no. 5

This study will address various IP-related issues that are important for the efficient management of companies active in creating and implementing advertising content and campaigns.

Publication year: 2011


The WIPO Journal - 2011 Volume 2 Issue 2

Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues

Contents: The Juridification of Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Botswana | The Economic Effects of Geographical Indications on Developing Country Producers: A Comparison of Darjeeling and Oolong Teas | Filing date requirements under the Patent Cooperation Treaty: Alignment with the Patent Law Treaty? | IP in Global Governance: A Venture in Critical Reflection | Competition Law and IP Abuse Prevention in Australia: A Comparative Study

Publication year: 2011


The WIPO Journal - 2011 Volume 3 Issue 1

Analysis and Debate of Intellectual Property Issues

Contents: ACTA and Its Complex Politics | Everything Old is New Again: The Development Agenda Then and Now | From Punta Del Este to Doha and Beyond: Lessons from the TRIPs Negotiating Processes | Change and Continuity in the International Intellectual Property System: A Turbulent Decade in Perspective | From World Intellectual Property Organization to World Innovation Promotion Organization? Whither WIPO? | Intellectual Property Policy Making in the 21st Century | The Politics of IP Maximalism | Having Faith in IP: Empirical Evidence of IP Conversions | The Rise and Fall of “Prior Consent” in Brazil | When Framing Meets Law: Using Human Rights as a Practical Instrument to Facilitate Access to Medicines in Developing Countries | The Politicisation of Intellectual Property: IP Conflicts and Social Change

Publication year: 2011


Intellectual Property as a Policy Tool for Development

The Ethiopian Fine Coffee Designations Trade Marking & Licensing Initiative Experience

This study was commissioned by WIPO to examine the Ethiopian Fine Coffee Designations Trade Marking & Licensing Initiative. It highlights the experience gained and identifies the lessons that may be learned by Ethiopia and countries at similar stages of development. The study contributes to overcoming the prevailing erroneous perception in low-income developing countries and least developed countries that intellectual property is a matter for the developed world only, contributes to reorienting their development policies.

Publication year: 2011


Patent Landscape Report on Solar Cooking

This patent landscape report seeks to provide a comprehensive overview of available technologies that exclusively use solar energy as the primary energy source for cooking or pasteurizing food. At the same time it identifies systems that are simple and easy to use in environments of rural communities; preferably systems that could be used in individual households. The report provides a description of the patent search methodology and evaluation of the results, showcasing the tools for accessing and using patent information. It clusters the available technologies in four categories based on the main heating methods used.

Publication year: 2011


Patent Landscape Report on Desalination Technologies and the Use of Alternative Energies for Desalination

This report identified 4551 patent families (including utility models) that claim inventions related to desalination of water, and 921 families describing the combination of desalination technologies with the use of renewable energies. Based on this patent collection, various patterns of patenting activity and innovation in the area of desalination are presented, with a separate focus on the use of renewable energies for desalination. A comprehensive explanation of the search methodology and history (including all search queries), and of the evaluation of the search results is included and illustrates how patent information can be retrieved and exploited in the area of desalination.

Publication year: 2011


Patent Landscape Report on Ritonavir

This report is dedicated to Ritonavir – an antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV infection and AIDS. A major goal of the report is to highlight the technology timeline for Ritonavir from the first filing of this compound to the present filings. It identifies a number of innovation tracks derived from the first Ritonavir patent document. The report also includes an analysis of statistical trends. A comprehensive explanation of the search methodology and history (including all search queries), and of the evaluation of the search results is included and illustrates how patent information can be retrieved and exploited in the area of pharmaceuticals.

Publication year: 2011


World Intellectual Property Indicators - 2011

This annual publication provides a wide range of indicators covering the following areas of intellectual property: patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs, microorganisms and plant variety protection. It draws on data from national and regional IP offices, WIPO and the World Bank.

Publication year: 2011