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WIPO Re:Search - Sharing Innovation in the Fight Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

This flyer briefly outlines the database, partnership, and the supporting services of WIPO Re:Search

Publication year: 2014


Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC): Implementation Guide

The Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) program, run by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), is designed to give innovators easy access to locally based, high quality technology information and related services.

Publication year: 2012


IPC Green Inventory

This brochure explains how the IPC Green Inventory can give direct access to the latest patent information about technologies in a number of fields including alternative energy production, energy conservation, transportation, waste management, and agriculture and forestry

Publication year: 2012


Access to SPECIALIZED PATENT INFORMATION for Developing Countries - ASPI

Through the Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program, patent offices and academic and research institutions in developing countries can receive free or low-cost access to sophisticated tools and services for retrieving and analyzing patent data.

Publication year: 2011


World Patent Report

A Statistical Review

This report provides readers with statistical indicators that shed light on issues such as the functioning of the patent system and its use by both developed and developing countries. The statistical information provided in this report allows users to analyze and monitor the latest trends in patent activity based on objective and detailed information.

Publication year: 2008


World Intellectual Property Organization: 1992 - 2007

The publication highlights the activities of WIPO from 1992 to 2007.

Publication year: 2007


International Patent Classification, 8th edition

This publication of the eighth edition (2006) constitutes the core level of the authentic English version of the Classification provided for in the Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification (of 1971). The version of the Classification contained in this edition represents the result of the revision of the previous seventh edition and the reform of the Classification which was carried out, from 1999 to 2005, by the Committee of Experts set up under the said Agreement. The eighth edition (2006) entered into force on January 1, 2006.

Publication year: 2006


Technical Study on Disclosure Requirements in Patent Systems Related to Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge

The WIPO Technical Study on Patent Disclosure Requirements Related to Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge concerns requirements in patent law systems to disclose information about genetic resources and traditional knowledge relevant to patented inventions. It was prepared by WIPO as part of the work program of the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore. The immediate context for this study was a request of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) at its sixth meeting in The Hague from April 7 to 19, 2002 (Decision VI/24C). The preparation of the study was based on responses to a questionnaire circulated to the Member States of WIPO. The Technical Study was made available to the seventh meeting of the COP in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from February 9 to 20, 2004, as document UNEP/CBD/COP/7/INF/17.

Publication year: 2004