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Drawing on the expertise of IP professionals, scientists, researchers, data analysts and lawyers, our publications are a reliable source for experts and policy makers. They can also help the layperson better understand the intricacies of IP rights and IP law.

The WIPO Magazine is part of our collection of publications. Issued four times a year, its articles take a fresh look at creativity and innovation across the world.

Discover our latest releases here.

WIPO Magazine (Issue 2/2022)

Accessible and engaging coverage of topical intellectual property issues, published quarterly.

Rights, Camera, Action! Intellectual property rights and the filmmaking process, 2nd edition

A new edition of an essential guide to leveraging intellectual property in the film industry.

Patent Landscape Report - Hydrogen fuel cells in transportation

Early observations on patenting activity related to hydrogen fuel cells put the transportation sector on a Net-Zero pathway.

World Intellectual Property Report 2022: The Direction of Innovation

As the world looks to rebuild from the pandemic, innovation has a crucial role to play in creating much needed solutions to our common challenges.

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