WIPO Launches New Initiative on Access to Specialized Patent Information

Geneva, September 17, 2010

A new public-private partnership which aims to provide industrial property offices, universities and research institutes in least developed countries with free access, and similar institutions in certain developing countries with low cost access, to advanced tools and services for retrieving and analyzing patent data was launched at WIPO’s headquarters on September 17, 2010. This will support these countries in effectively leveraging the valuable information contained in patent documents to facilitate technological innovation and economic development. 

The Access to Specialized Patent Information (ASPI) program is a joint initiative between WIPO and prominent information providers LexisNexis, Minesoft, ProQuest, Questel-Orbit, Thomson Reuters and WIPS.  A range of training activities will support the use of the tools available under the program. 

“Patent information represents a critical source of knowledge and insight for researchers and innovators, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and policymakers across the globe. The ASPI program will allow developing and least-developed countries to benefit from enhanced access to powerful tools for exploiting this valuable resource under very favorable conditions,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry.  He added “The ASPI program represents a pioneering public-private partnership between WIPO and leading patent data service providers, whose generosity and vision have made this program possible.” 

Participating countries will benefit from assistance from private sector providers in the development of patent information services within the framework of a WIPO project relating to the establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centers. These centers promote the use of databases for the retrieval and use of patent and technology information with a view to reducing the knowledge gap and demonstrating the practical use of IP information in developing and least-developed countries. 

ASPI was launched on the sidelines of the Second Global Symposium of Intellectual Property Authorities on September 16 and 17 which brought together heads of IP authorities, industry leaders and other stakeholders to share ideas and experiences for improving IP services. During the Symposium, a formal partners’ statement of intent was signed, pledging to support developing countries in more fully exploiting their innovative potential through the ASPI program.   

The ASPI program complements other WIPO initiatives including the Access to Research for Development and Innovation (aRDi) initiative launched in July 2009 and services such as PATENTSCOPE®.

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