PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter XI: Fees


235. The receiving Office checks whether the fees due under Article 3(4)(iv) have been paid. If the applicant has submitted the Fee calculation sheet (Annex to the request), the receiving Office uses that sheet to check whether the applicable amounts of those fees have been indicated by the applicant; it marks the column reserved for that purpose on the right-hand side of that sheet. The fees to be collected by the receiving Office include, in every case:

(i)  the transmittal fee (Box T of the Fee calculation sheet), to which the receiving Office is entitled under Rule 14 for performing the tasks which it must perform in connection with the international application in its capacity as receiving Office;

(ii)  the international filing fee, collected under Rule 15 for the benefit of the International Bureau (Box I of the Fee calculation sheet); and

(iii)  the search fee (Box S of the Fee calculation sheet), collected under Rule 16 for the benefit of the International Searching Authority.

236. Other fees which may be payable to the receiving Office, where applicable, include the fee for requesting restoration of the right of priority (Rule 26bis.3(d)), the fee for preparation of additional copies of the international application (Rule 21.1(c), Section 305bis and paragraphs 283 and 284), the fee for preparation and transmittal of priority documents (Rule 17.1), the late payment fee (Rule 16bis), the fees for late furnishing of a translation of the international application (Rules 12.3(e) or 12.4(e), respectively, and paragraphs 69 or 69A, respectively), and the fee for transmittal of a purported international application to the International Bureau as receiving Office (Rule 19.4 and paragraphs 275 and 281).