PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter XIII: Record Copy, Search Copy and Home Copy

Preparation of Record Copy, Search Copy and Home Copy


283. Where the international application and documents referred to in the check list (Rule 3.3(a)(ii)) are required to be filed in more than one copy and the receiving Office has not received the number of copies required, the receiving Office prepares the required additional copies (Rules 11.1 and 21.1). Where a translation is furnished for the purposes of international search under Rule 12.3, the search copy consists of the request and the translation (Rule 23.1(b)). The procedure for preparation, identification and transmittal of the copies of the international application is outlined in detail in Sections 305 (for the international application as filed) and 305bis (for any required translation).

284. Where the receiving Office has prepared any additional copies required under Article 12(1), it is entitled to charge a fee for performing that task (Rule 21.1(c) and Section 305bis). However, in most receiving Offices that fee is regarded as covered by the transmittal fee and no extra fee is charged for the preparation of additional copies. The receiving Office may use Form PCT/RO/120 to invite the applicant to pay that fee where that fee is required to be paid.