PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter IX: Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listing

Subsequently Furnished Sequence Listing

227. Any sequence listing furnished after the filing of the international application would not normally be intended to form part of the international application.  In case of doubt, the receiving Office should clarify with the applicant whether the sequence listing is intended to form part of the international application so as to complete or correct the international application (Rules 20.5 and 20.5bis) or whether it is intended for search purposes (Rule 13ter.1).  If the sequence listing is furnished for search purposes, the receiving Office promptly forwards the sequence listing and any accompanying statement to the International Searching Authority (see paragraph 290).

227A.   If the sequence listing intended for search purposes is furnished on a physical medium, the medium shall be labeled “SEQUENCE LISTING NOT FORMING PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION”, or its equivalent in the language of publication or of international preliminary examination, together with the international application number.