Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty


1. The time limits applicable under Articles 22 and 39 in respect of each Contracting State.

2. The list of the non-patent literature agreed upon by the International Searching Authorities for inclusion in the minimum documentation.

3. The names of the national Offices which do not wish to receive copies under Article 13(2)(c).

4. The provisions of the national laws of Contracting States concerning international-type search.

5. The text of the agreements entered into between the International Bureau and the International Searching Authorities or the International Preliminary Examining Authorities.

6. The names of the national Offices which entirely or in part waived their rights to any communication under Article 20.

7. The names of the Contracting States which are bound by Chapter II of the PCT.

8. Index of concordance of international application numbers and international publication numbers, listed according to international application numbers.

9. Index of applicants’ names giving, for each name, the corresponding international publication number(s).

10. Index of international publication numbers, grouped according to the International Patent Classification symbols.

11. Indication of any subject matter that will not be searched or examined by the various International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authorities under Rules 39 and 67.

12. Requirements of designated and elected Offices under Rules 49.5 and 76.5 in relation to the furnishing of translations.

13. The dates defining the period referred to in Rule 32.1(b) during which the international application, whose effects may be extended to a successor State under Rule 32.1, must have been filed.

14. The criteria for restoration of the right of priority applied by receiving Offices under Rule 26bis.3 or designated Offices under Rule 49ter.2, and any subsequent changes in that respect.

15.  Information about the receiving Offices, the International Bureau and the International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authorities which provide for the excuse of delays in meeting time limits under Rule 82quater.2.  

16.  Any period of extension or additional period of extension under Rule 82quater.3.