Administrative Instructions under the Patent Cooperation Treaty


The following information shall be extracted from the front page of the publication of the international publication for each published international application and shall, in accordance with Rule 86.1(i), appear in the corresponding entry of the Gazette:

1. as to the international publication:

1.1 the international publication number

1.2 the date of the international publication

1.3 an indication whether the following items were published in the published international application:

1.31 international search report

1.32 declaration under Article 17(2)

1.33 claims amended under Article 19(1)

1.34 statement under Article 19(1)

1.35 information concerning the removal of an erroneously filed element or part under Rule 20.5bis(b) or (c)

1.36 request for rectification under the first sentence of Rule 91.3(d)

1.37 information concerning the incorporation by reference of a missing element or part or a correct element or part as referred to in Rule 48.2(b)(v)

1.38 information concerning a priority claim under Rule 26bis.2(d)

1.39 information concerning a request under Rule 26bis.3 for restoration of the right of priority

1.4 the language in which the international application was filed

1.5 the language of publication of the international application

2. as to the international application:

2.1 the title of the invention

2.2 the symbol(s) of the International Patent Classification (IPC)

2.3 the international application number

2.4 the international filing date

3. as to any priority claim:

3.1 the application number of the earlier application

3.2 the date on which the earlier application was filed

3.3 where the earlier application is:

3.31 a national application: the country in which the earlier application was filed

3.32 a regional application: the authority entrusted with the granting of regional patents under the applicable regional patent treaty and, in the case referred to in Rule 4.10(b)(ii), a country party to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property for which that earlier application was filed

3.33 an international application: the receiving Office with which it was filed

4. as to the applicant, inventor and agent:

4.1 their name(s)

4.2 their mailing address(es)

5. as to the designated States:

5.1 their names

5.2 the indication of any wish for a regional patent

5.3 the indication that every kind of protection available is sought, unless otherwise indicated

6. as to a statement concerning non-prejudicial disclosure or exception to lack of novelty:

6.1 the date of the disclosure

6.2 the place of the disclosure

6.3 the kind of the disclosure (e.g., exhibition, scientific publication, conference reports, etc.)

6.4 the title of the exhibition, publication or conference

7. as to any indication in relation to deposited biological material furnished under Rule 13bis separately from the description:

7.1 the fact that such indication is published

7.2 the date on which the International Bureau received such indication

8. as to any declaration referred to in Rule 4.17 which was received by the International Bureau before the expiration of the time limit under Rule 26ter.1:

8.1 the fact that such a declaration was made and a reference to the applicable item in Rule 4.17 under which it was made.