The PCT Applicant’s Guide presents a new face

December 15, 2022

The PCT Applicant’s Guide, a publication prepared by the International Bureau of WIPO collecting useful information about all aspects of the PCT which is important for its users, is now entering a new phase. To increase data processing efficiency and provide users with enhanced functions and a better navigation experience, the International Bureau has created a fully electronic version which, for a transitional period, we are calling the “eGuide”. We are happy to announce that the eGuide is now available. 

The eGuide contains all of the content of the traditional Guide, namely, the two general parts (Introduction to the International Phase and Introduction to the National Phase), and the content of the various Annexes concerning all Contracting States and Offices, but presents the data in a new structure, offering new features including hyperlinks to legal provisions and to other PCT information resources. Additional cross references will be provided in the future. 

The eGuide also relieves users from having to open and check each individual Annex for information about a specific State or Office – in the eGuide users can navigate through all the relevant content on the same page. The eGuide is searchable and may be used on mobile devices, and its new format enables the International Bureau to add interactive functionalities in the future.  Some features which are planned include expanded and advanced search and comparison of data, as well as for exporting data results in user-friendly formats.

Moreover, the eGuide will enable the International Bureau to update information in relation to all PCT Contracting States and Offices in a more efficient manner.

Lastly, the International Bureau greatly appreciates the feedback received from the group of experienced PCT users who provided comments on the test version of the eGuide.

We encourage PCT users and Offices to explore the functions of the new eGuide.

Please send any comments and suggestions to PCT Guide.