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Applicability of 75% Reduction in International Search and Preliminary Examination Fees at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

(status on 1 July 2022)  

In accordance with its Agreement with the International Bureau of WIPO, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office shall act as International Searching Authority and/or International Preliminary Examining Authority for any PCT Contracting State that specifies the Authority for that purpose (See PCT Applicant’s Guide, Annex C). 

The search fee and preliminary examination fee payable to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office are reduced by 75% if the applicant or, if there are two or more applicants, each applicant is a natural person or a legal entity and is a national of and resides in a State not party to the European Patent Convention and which is classified by the World Bank in the group of countries of “low income”, “lower middle income” or “upper middle income”.  The States concerned are indicated below:

Two-letter country code State
AF1 Afghanistan
AM2 Armenia
AO2 Angola
AR1 Argentina
AZ2 Azerbaijan
Two-letter country code State
BA2 Bosnia & Herzegovina
BD1 Bangladesh
BF2 Burkina Faso
BI1 Burundi
BJ2 Benin
BO1 Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
BR2 Brazil
BT1 Bhutan
BW2 Botswana
BY2 Belarus
BZ2 Belize
Two-letter country code State
CD1 Democratic Republic of the Congo
CF2 Central African Republic
CG2 Congo
CI2 Côte d’Ivoire
CM2 Cameroon
CN2 China
CO Colombia
CR  Costa Rica
CU Cuba
CV1 Cabo Verde
Two-letter country code State
DJ2 Djibouti
DM2 Dominica
DO Dominican Republic
DZ2 Algeria
Two-letter country code State
EC Ecuador
EG2 Egypt
ER1 Eritrea
ET1 Ethiopia
Two-letter country code State
FJ1 Fiji
FM1 Micronesia (Federated States of)
Two-letter country code State
GA2 Gabon
GD2 Grenada
GE2 Georgia
GH2 Ghana
GM2 Gambia
GN2 Guinea
GQ2 Equatorial Guinea
GT Guatemala
GW2 Guinea-Bissau
Two-letter country code State
HN Honduras
HT1 Haiti
Two-letter country code State
ID2 Indonesia
IN2 India
IQ1 Iraq
IR2 Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Two-letter country code State
JM1 Jamaica
JO2 Jordan
Two-letter country code State
KE2 Kenya
KG2 Kyrgyzstan
KH2 Cambodia
KI1 Kiribati
KM2 Comoros
KP2 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
KZ2 Kazakhstan
Two-letter country code State
LA2 Lao People’s Democratic Republic
LB1 Lebanon
LC2 Saint Lucia
LK2 Sri Lanka
LR2 Liberia
LS2 Lesotho
LY2 Libya
Two-letter country code State
MA2 Morocco
MD2 Republic of Moldova
ME2 Montenegro
MG2 Madagascar
MH1 Marshall Islands
ML2 Mali
MM1 Myanmar
MN2 Mongolia
MR2 Mauritania
MU1 Mauritius
MV1 Maldives
MW2 Malawi
MX Mexico
MY2 Malaysia
MZ2 Mozambique
Two-letter country code State
NA2 Namibia
NE2 Niger
NG2 Nigeria
NI Nicaragua
NP1 Nepal
Two-letter country code State
PE Peru
PG2 Papua New Guinea
PH2 Philippines
PK1 Pakistan
PW Palau
PY1 Paraguay
Two-letter country code State
RU2 Russian Federation
RW2 Rwanda
Two-letter country code State
SB1 Solomon Islands
SD2 Sudan
SL2 Sierra Leone
SN2 Senegal
SO1 Somalia
SR1 Suriname
SS1 South Sudan
ST2 Sao Tome and Principe
SV El Salvador
SY2 Syrian Arab Republic
SZ2 Eswatini
Two-letter country code State
TD2 Chad
TG2 Togo
TH2 Thailand
TJ2 Tajikistan
TL1 Timor-Leste
TM2 Turkmenistan
TN2 Tunisia
TO1 Tonga
TV1 Tuvalu
TZ2 United Republic of Tanzania
Two-letter country code State
UA2 Ukraine
UG2 Uganda
UZ2 Uzbekistan
Two-letter country code State
VC2 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
VE1 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
VN2 Viet Nam
VU1 Vanuatu
Two-letter country code State
WS1 Samoa
Two-letter country code State
YE1 Yemen
two-letter country code State
ZA2 South Africa
ZM2 Zambia
ZW2 Zimbabwe
  1. Applicants from this State must file the PCT application together with an applicant who is a national of and/or resides in a PCT Contracting State that has specified the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office for the purposes of international search or international preliminary examination (see PCT Applicant's Guide, Annex C).
  2. Applicants from this State must file the PCT application together with an applicant who is a national of and/or resides in a State that has specified the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office for the purposes of international search or international preliminary examination (see PCT Applicant's Guide, Annex C).

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