Machine translation of descriptions and claims of patent documents within PATENTSCOPE®

August 5, 2010


Thanks to a better integration of Google Translate within PATENTSCOPE ®, it is now possible to translate description and claims of patent documents in all languages supported by Google Translate.
Combined with cross lingual expansion of search queries and with the possibility to machine translate titles and abstracts in result lists, PATENTSCOPE ® users have now a complete cross language solution at disposal:

Using their native language (English, French, German, Japanese or Spanish), they can

     (1) enter search keywords
     (2) select appropriate synonyms
     (3) execute an enriched boolean search query in all languages
     (4) browse the result list
     (5) consult the description and claims for each interesting hit (when available)
Follow this link ( to start cross lingual searching.
More details can be found here .