CLIR in Production

June 11, 2010

CLIR (Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval) - a new facility of the PATENTSCOPE® Search system-, has just been included in its beta mode for public testing.  The facility allows you to enhance the power of search in PCT and National Patent Data Collections.  Your search query in one language will be translated at best by a special software developed by WIPO into several other languages, on the basis of statistical analysis of patent documents and terminologies. The search query in several languages obviously enhances the quality of search results from the database containing data in those languages.  It is hoped that CLIR can open up a new way to carrying out multiple linguistic search of patent databases in different languages such as PATENTSCOPE® and will significantly enhance access to patent information throughout the world. Currently, cross-lingual search is available in the following languages:
- English
- French
- German
- Japanese
- Spanish
WIPO welcomes your feedback.  WIPO also wishes to invite “expressions of interest” in using the CLIR facility for your patent information search services.  Your feedback before May 31, 2010 is much appreciated.  WIPO will consider your proposal and feedback to determine whether WIPO should make the CLIR facility available to organizations which are interested in multiple linguistic search of patent information