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Date: 27.01.2015 15:07:04
Subject: WIPO GREEN newsletter, January 2015

January 2015

One year of WIPO GREEN

WIPO GREEN is one year old.  Take a look at some of our achievements so far.


New WIPO Global Challenges Brief on green tech innovation

WIPO is pleased to announce the launch of its latest Global Challenges Brief, “Incentivizing the adoption of green technology on a global scale”, by Sebastian Lohse. The brief examines some of the factors relevant to green technology innovation and diffusion, including IPRs.


WIPO GREEN waste water project – seminar in Manila, April 2015

WIPO GREEN is piloting a technology and needs assessment project in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, focusing on the industrial/municipal wastewater treatment sector.

Following a major stakeholder consultation exercise, the project will document local technology needs in this sector, and test technologies that could address the issues of wastewater treatment.

The project will culminate with a seminar with matchmaking opportunities, to be held in Manila in mid-April, in cooperation with Asian Development Bank and Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

The seminar will bring together technology seekers, owners and relevant stakeholders from green tech sector.

An exhibition space will be provided for technology owners and organizations working on wastewater management issues from within and beyond the region.

Please contact  for more information about the seminar.


Technology seekers – please upload your waste water technology needs to WIPO GREEN

Technology seekers and providers are invited to upload their wastewater treatment related needs and technologies by mid-March onto WIPO GREEN to maximize matchmaking possibilities at the WIPO GREEN Manila seminar.


2015 UN-Water Annual International Conference

WIPO GREEN’s Anja von der Ropp spoke about the role of IP in developing and diffusing technologies for clean water at this conference in Zaragoza Vision on 16 January.


WIPO GREEN in Istanbul

WIPO GREEN will have a booth at the 4th Creative Industries and Emerging Technologies Fair and International Design Conference in Istanbul, February 19-21 2015. Yesim Baykal of WIPO GREEN will also speak at the event on the Technopreneurship and Investment Panel.


WIPO GREEN technology of the month

Multi-Layer Conical and High Efficiency Diffuser by Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KOTEC)

This is a system to generate uniform bubbles by triangle pitch method. It is widely used in general filtration plants, sewage and waste water disposal plants, and sewage disposal tanks and has three distinct features: (i) high rate of oxygen delivery, (ii) high agitation function, and (iii) high energy saving effect.

It can be added to existing waste water or sewage treatment systems without major renovation. This state of the art technology is being applied in Waste water and livestock excretions disposal plants (WWTP) and Terminal Disposal Plant of Sewage (STP) in different provinces of Republic of Korea.


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