Case Study Workshop on Support for Intellectual Property Management in SMEs (IP Advantage)

Meeting codeWIPO/SMES/TYO/19
Date and venueJanuary 29 to January 31, 2019 (Tokyo, Japan)
Topic(s)Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Workshops and Seminars, Japan Funds-in-Trust — Africa & LDCs

Meeting documents

WIPO/SMES/TYO/19/1EnglishProgramProgram, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/SMES/TYO/19/P3EnglishBusiness Strategy of a Japanese Company - Mr. Mitsuhiro TakasakiBusiness Strategy of a Japanese Company - Mr. Mitsuhiro Takasaki, Complete document (pdf)

Other related documents

WIPO/SMES/TYO/19/P2EnglishOutline of IP - Ms. Yukiko KamijoOutline of IP - Ms. Yukiko Kamijo, Complete document (pdf)