WIPO Subregional Workshop on the International Classification of Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs

Meeting codeWIPO/IP/HRE/03
Date and venueMay 12 to May 16, 2003 (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Topic(s)Intellectual Property-related Seminars, Industrial Designs-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/IP/HRE/03/1EnglishClassification Treaties Administered by WIPO
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/2EnglishOverview of European Patent Office (EPO) and Treaties Administered by EPO
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/4EnglishBasic Concept and Structure of the International Patent Classification (IPC), and Scope of Classification Places
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/5EnglishIntroduction to Nice Classification
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/8EnglishVienna Classification
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/9EnglishLocarno Classification
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/10EnglishIPC Reform - Changes in the IPC After 2005
WIPO/IP/HRE/03/11EnglishBriefing on the Current Computerization Process of Industrial Property Offices