WIPO International Conference on Intellectual Property and Electronic Business

Meeting codeWIPO/EC/THR/02
Date and venueJanuary 15 to January 16, 2002 (Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of))
Topic(s)Electronic Commerce

Meeting documents

WIPO/EC/THR/02/INF/1EnglishProvisional Program
WIPO/EC/THR/02/INF/2EnglishGeneral Information for Partipants
WIPO/EC/THR/02/INF/3EnglishList of Speakers
WIPO/EC/THR/02/INF/4EnglishList of Participants
WIPO/EC/THR/02/1(A)EnglishE-Business and Development: E-Business Policies and Practices in Developing Countries
WIPO/EC/THR/02/1(B)EnglishE-Business and Development: Laws and Regulations for E-Business
WIPO/EC/THR/02/2(A)EnglishEmerging Technologies for E-Business: E-Business Standards and Systems (EB-XML and Inter-Operability)
WIPO/EC/THR/02/2(B)EnglishEmerging Technologies for E-Business: Security and Certification for E-Business
WIPO/EC/THR/02/3(A)EnglishGlobal Issues on Digital Economy: Globalization, Poverty Alleviation and E-Business
WIPO/EC/THR/02/3(B)EnglishGlobal Issues on Digital Economy: International Organizations and E-Business
WIPO/EC/THR/02/3(C)EnglishGlobal Issues on Digital Economy: Intellectual Property Planning Strategy Related to the Internet
WIPO/EC/THR/02/4(A)EnglishIntellectual Property (IP) and the Internet: IP and WIPO Conventions
WIPO/EC/THR/02/4(B)EnglishIntellectual Property (IP) and the Internet: The Effect of the Internet on Trade in the IP Context
WIPO/EC/THR/02/5(A)EnglishIntellectual Property Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
WIPO/EC/THR/02/5(B)EnglishIP Dispute Resolution: Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy