WIPO Symposium on Copyright, Broadcasting and New Technologies for Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean

Meeting codeOMPI/DA/CUN/98
Date and venueFebruary 16 to February 18, 1998 (Cancún, Mexico)
Topic(s)Copyright-related Seminars, Broadcasting

Meeting documents

OMPI/DA/CUN/98/2EnglishOpening Address
EspañolDiscuroso de Apertura
OMPI/DA/CUN/98/3EnglishInternational Framework of Copyright and Related Rights
EspañolEl Marco Internacional del Derecho de Autor y los Derechos Conexos
OMPI/DA/CUN/98/4EnglishThe Rights of Broadcasting Organizations
EspañolLos Derechos de los Organismos de Radiodifución
OMPI/DA/CUN/98/5EnglishCopyright and Broadcasting Organizations
EspañolEl Derecho de Autor y los Organismos de Radiofidusión